Dreame L30 Ultra Now Available: Successor to the Dreame L20 Ultra

Dreame swiftly follows up on the Dreame L20 Ultra, unveiled at IFA 2023, with the release of its successor, the L30 Ultra. This new flagship mop & vacuum combo robot, along with an enhanced cleaning station called Mops Extend, is now available for purchase.

Dreame L30 Ultra mop & vacuum combo robot

In terms of design, the Dreame L30 Ultra mirrors the appearance of the Chinese X30 Pro, sporting a black hue rather than the white with gold accents seen previously. However, the global version seems to omit one of the new features, as there’s no mention of UV sterilization in the Amazon description.

Substantially, little seems to have changed from the Dreame L20 Ultra. All flagship features, including the recently introduced Mops Extend, are retained in the successor. Notably, the key innovation in the L30 Ultra allows mops to be washed at approximately 58°C, a function missing in the previous model.

This enhancement aims to ensure more thorough cleaning by effectively dissolving fats and dirt. Additionally, the suction power has been slightly boosted from 7,000 Pa to 7,300 Pa, albeit this increase is marginal.

Dreame L30 Ultra price and availability

The pace of development is remarkable—Dreame presented the L20 Ultra at IFA 2023 in September, and now its successor, the Dreame L30 Ultra, is already listed on Amazon.com for $1,699.99. However, the pricing for the new mop and vacuum combo robot in the UK remains undisclosed.

While the Dreame L20 Ultra is priced at $1,499.99, it’s currently available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk at a reduced rate, below $1,100 / £1,100.

Roborock recently revealed the new Q8 Max series robot vacuum with mop and mapping. These new mop & vacuum combo robot models, including the Q8 Max+ variant, feature the innovative DuoRoller brush and Reactive Tech obstacle avoidance technology, previously exclusive to higher-end models. Notably, the Q8 Max+ is enhanced with a self-draining dock, ensuring an impressive seven weeks of battery life.

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