Denon Envaya Mini Review

Denon is a name which is too familiar to music lovers for its high-quality loudspeakers. This brand is famous for its speakers and amplifiers are designed in the modern style. Today, we’ll we testing one of its popular Bluetooth speakers called the Denon Envaya Mini DSD150BT. It’s a tiny, palm-sized device that boasts of two drivers and is also IP67 certified, which means it can handle light splashes of water.

Denon DSD150BT Review

While there are many options in this category that feature an IP67 rating, not many are this pocketable. Let’s see if the Denon Envaya Mini review and know more about its audio quality and more.


The Denon DSB150BT Bluetooth speaker is the compact model in the Denon’s Envaya Bluetooth speaker lineup with dimensions less than 20cm and weighing less than 0.4kg, you can easily carry it anywhere, It’s just like bringing a water bottle from one place to another.

Put aside the “comfort” that this speaker brings, let’s talk about its design. Is it worthy of a longstanding brand name like Denon? Here is the answer!

It has a compact and dynamic design that we always want to carry with ourselves as well as the loudspeaker also has a very eye-catching and attractive design. The Denon Envaya Mini design is very simple, which we like, with a black bezel, a fabric wrap around it and a shiny Denon Logo.

Denon Envaya Mini Unboxing

Black will keep our speakers stable over time, if you are worried that the speakers are clingy and difficult to clean, you can flatten that worry as the Denon DSB150BT also supports waterproof up to up to 30 minutes.

The left side is a plastic elastic frame to increase the durability of the loudspeaker, unfortunately, there is a failure or impact during use does not affect the hardware inside.

All buttons are located on the right side, and we have a total of 5 buttons: Volume down, power off, Bluetooth, and the call button, in generally pretty basic but these buttons also have a good quality.

In front, we will have a white LED indicator to inform the remaining battery capacity of the speaker. At the back of the speaker, we have a Micro-USB charging port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and is sealed to protect against water and dust. There is also a cord to hang speakers anywhere.

Sound and Features

It has a lightweight design but offers a great music experience. We have the interest to listen to the Pop, Ballad light, but still need a little bit of bass DSB150BT has made us satisfied. In the space of about 40 square meters, the Denon Envaya Mini can bring your music party with max volume which never breaks.

In addition, with Bluetooth aptX 4.1 technology does not reduce the quality of input music when wireless transmission. Besides, you can pair the two speakers together for a more vivid surround sound experience.

Denon Envaya Mini Review

It gives us a range of 10 meters. There are two 8.5W speakers and also features a built-in microphone, so you can use it for phone calls. The higher starting point indicates that this speaker works well at delivering bass.

Going by the diminutive size of the speaker, we were not expecting it to sound the way it does – which is incredibly loud. This is mostly due to the dual-driver configuration. Bass sounds tinny and is pretty much non-existent for the most part, so don’t expect any thump or kick in bass-heavy tracks. Instrument and vocal separation are good, highs are fairly crisp most of the time, and sound does not crack when you push the volume all the way up.


The Denon Envaya Mini is rated to run for ten hours on a single charge, and in our testing, we often managed to go beyond that to about eleven hours. This was using varying volume levels, and there were some intervals when the music was paused, but the speaker was never turned off. This is very good given the size of the speaker.

Charging speed is also relatively fast, only takes about 3 hours and you are ready for the party.

Final line

The Denon Envaya Mini DSB150BT is a simple, minimalist speaker designed for the ultimate music experience.

With a price tag of £99.02 on / $206.85 on the, is not a bad price for a speaker that’s splash-resistant, gets ridiculously loud, and can fit in your shirt pocket. Denon needs users to see what this speaker brings more if you want to succeed in today’s harsh market.


  • Loud volume
  • Compact design
  • Long Battery life


  • Tinny Bass
  • High Price

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