Corsair MP600 Elite SSD Takes Compatibility with PlayStation 5 to the Next Level

Corsair has introduced a new and powerful SSD called the MP600 Elite. This SSD connects via PCIe and is compatible with desktop PCs, game consoles, and mobile devices. To accommodate different spatial conditions, Corsair offers various versions of the SSD.

Corsair MP600 Elite price and availability

M.2 SSDs have become the standard for modern mass storage. They are compact and can achieve high speeds thanks to the PCIe connection. While hard drives are cheaper for storing large amounts of data, M.2 SSDs have become essential for desktop PCs, notebooks, and compact devices like gaming handhelds. The NVMe MP600 Elite is Corsair’s latest offering in the M.2 form factor.

The SSD is available in different versions, not only in terms of storage capacity. Corsair offers the M.2 NVMe MP600 Elite with and without a heatsink. The heatsink can improve performance by reducing throttling, but it also adds height to the M.2 2280 memory. Not all systems can accommodate this additional height, such as the PlayStation 5, which is why Corsair offers a model without a heatsink.

The MP600 NVMe SSD is currently available in one and two terabytes, with a four-terabyte version scheduled to launch in April. Corsair utilizes 3D TLC memory cells, and the SSD connects to a PC, notebook, or console using four PCIe 4 lanes.

Corsair MP600 Elite price and availability

Corsair advertises a maximum data transfer rate of 7,000 MB/s for reading and 6,500 MB/s for writing, although these figures apply to sequential file operations. The SSD is also capable of achieving 1,000,000 IOPS for reading and 1,200,000 IOPS for writing, allowing for simultaneous reading and writing processes.

Corsair MP600 Elite price and availability

The Elite series MP600 Gen 4 PCIe SSD is available for purchase on,, and The 1 TB version has a price of just under $90, while the model with double the storage capacity has a price of just under $170, which is $10 higher than the recently launched Corsair MP600 Micro 1TB version.

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