Blackstar launches Sonnet Series Guitar Amplifier Kits at NAMM 2020

Are you tired of having to move a big amplifier everywhere? You do not have enough space for displaying or storing it? Understanding the problems you are facing when traveling with an amplifier that is too bulky, Blackstar has launched a new Sonnet Series acoustic guitar amplifier kits that are ready to challenge any space and move but still meet the requirements.

Guitar Amplifier kits

Whether you are looking for your first sound amplifier or a portable battery-powered mini Bluetooth amplifier, the Blackstar Sonnet 60W and 120W amplifiers are an essential tool for any guitarist.

These are a compact mini Blackstar amps with great functionality and output – a simple yet comprehensive controller that allows you to change the amp’s sound with controls for Gain, 3-band EQ, anti-feedback, reverb controls for each channel, Equalization via ISF (Infinite Shape Feature), Delay Time and Delay Level patented by Blackstar.

Both 60W and 120W Sonnet Series Blackstar amplification combines great timbre, tape delay effects and ISF control with a lightweight and compact 3-watt guitar amplifier to give you the perfect mini guitar amp you can take anywhere.

Blackstar amplification

These Guitar Amplifier kits produce a punch with a large TONE, even at the lowest volume level. The ISF allows you to infinitely change the sound of the acoustic guitar combo amplifier, giving you endless possibilities in the timbre of the amp. These also have tape delay effects, allowing you to make your amp output resonate while playing.

Their cabinets utilize a ported design to extend the bass response without relying on larger drivers, thus keeping the overall size more compact and the weight down. The 60W Sonnet is outfitted with a custom-voiced 6.5″ woofer, while the 120W version opts for an 8″ speaker; both models have tweeters, of course. All these Sonnet amps can accept four simultaneous inputs, they do so in slightly different ways.

The Sonnet 60 features a 1/4″ instrument input, an XLR-1/4″ mic input, a 3.5mm stereo aux input, and Bluetooth wireless input. The Sonnet 120 boasts two XLR-1/4″ combo mic/instrument inputs with independently selectable 48V phantom power along with the aforementioned aux and Bluetooth inputs.

Bluetooth amplifier

The Sonnet 60 includes adjustable high-pass filter and brilliance settings, whereas the Sonnet 120 has those and per-channel anti-feedback controls. The Sonnet 60 sports an XLR DI output; the Sonnet 120 gives you three (channel 1, channel 2, and mix outputs).

The Blackstar has also introduced the candy apple red HT-20R MkII tube combo guitar amplifier. It packs in foot-switchable clean and overdrive channels, four tubes, selectable 20W or 2W power output, and a 12″ speaker. It’s also equipped with multiple speaker outputs, emulated XLR DI and 1/4″ line/phones outputs, and a USB audio out. From the per-channel voice options to the patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature), the HT-20R MkII is built to hold its own in the studio, at rehearsals, or miked up on stage.

Price and Availability

  • Blackstar Sonnet 120W Acoustic Guitar Combo Amplifier – $579.99
  • Blackstar Sonnet 60W Acoustic Guitar Combo Amplifier – $399.99
  • Blackstar HT-20RMKII 20W Tube Combo Amplifier – $679.99
  • Blackstar FS-17 Two-Way Footswitch for Sonnet Amplifier – $39.99
  • Blackstar SA2 Stand Adapter for Sonnet Amplifier – $11.99

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