Beyerdynamic Space Review: Mini Bluetooth Speaker with Speaker Phone

Beyerdynamic is one of the best headphone and microphone manufacturers in the world! However, Beyerdynamic cannot do without completely new market trends. Especially, because of the home office, speaker phone conference systems are very much in trend!

Beyerdynamic Space Review: Mini Bluetooth Speaker with Speaker Phone

In addition to headsets, small conference phone speakers are especially in demand here. But these are also very enjoyable, especially for long conference calling! So you don’t have to wear annoying headsets, and you can lean back or even walk around the room, but you’ll always be understood. At least that’s the theory and marketing.

However, there is a wide range in practice, from mini Bluetooth speaker phone to moderate loudest models.

With the “Space,” Beyerdynamic wants to offer just the latest Bluetooth speaker. It is a hands-free conference phone solution for everyday life, which can also be used as classic mobile Bluetooth speakers. But how good is this? Let’s find out in this Beyerdynamic Space review below.


Beyerdynamic relies on a very chic and modern design for the Space! The Space is a relatively flat, round speaker. It measures just around 13 cm in diameter and has a height of 4 cm. That means it can be accommodated in even the smallest of home offices.

Beyerdynamic Space Review: Mini Bluetooth Speaker with Speaker Phone

Beyerdynamic relies on a top made of a thicker material, which is what we see in more and more loudspeakers nowadays. That gives it a cool and trendy look. The bottom and a small ring on the top are also made of high-quality plastic.

The control buttons and status LEDs are integrated into this ring. The power switch, on the other hand, is on the back.

We also find the USB C port there, which is used to charge the speaker. Beyerdynamic advertises a good 20 hours of battery life here. A value that, in our experience, seems quite realistic with light playback. But even with high volume and music playback, we can easily get through a working day.


Of course, the Beyerdynamic Space supports Bluetooth, both on your PC/notebook and your smartphone. Alternatively, you can also connect the speaker phone to your computer via USB.

Beyerdynamic Space Review: Mini Bluetooth Speaker with Speaker Phone

It is not only loaded but also the data connection takes place via USB. The Space is recognized by your PC as a “hands-free speaker phone with echo cancellation”. Despite it, you can also play normal music through the speaker.


Important! The Beyerdynamic Space seems to have two “sound modes” used via Bluetooth. If you only play sound, the speaker sounds nice and full.

However, if an application accesses the microphone at the same time, the audio output quality is massively reduced! Presumably: more bandwidth is then allocated for audio recording.

Beyerdynamic advertises the Space with a “high-quality loudspeaker system for excellent music reproduction”. Beyerdynamic didn’t lie here either! The speaker phone doesn’t sound quite as good as the JBL Flip 6 (REVIEW) when playing music, but this mini Bluetooth speaker can be used to listen to music or web radio in the office in free time.

Although it is clear from the Space that we only have one broadband driver, this sounds a lot better than 99% of all notebooks, especially office notebooks.

The speaker’s highs are good, especially at low to medium volumes. The speaker sounds nice and clean here. However, at a very high volume, the highs seem a bit muffled. The mids, on the other hand, are clean! As a result, voices in particular sound very natural and good.

Of course, the bass is one of those things, the Space is already very compact, so you shouldn’t expect too much bass. However, at low to medium volume, music sounds pleasingly full. Nothing is missing in the sound here. The bass is clean and present in good measure. However, at full volume, the small sound volume is audible.

In general, the Beyerdynamic Space is not overly stable in level and does not get loud. It is more than loud enough for the home office or working place, but the small one is a bit overwhelmed in a large conference room.


Microphones are certainly one of the most important points of Space. You can get regular mobile Bluetooth speakers that sound better for less money, but they usually have modest microphones.

And no, when it comes to the microphones, the Space doesn’t show its weaknesses! We need to differentiate a bit between the wired connection and Bluetooth here.

The microphones sound good to very good in both ways! The Space does a great job of noise reduction. The mics are super clean and sharp, especially over the wired connection.

But even via Bluetooth, the recording quality surpasses many headsets!

Final line

Of course, the benefit of a product like the Beyerdynamic Space depends somewhat on your situation.

We don’t need to argue that you can get better Bluetooth speakers for around $180. If you’re only interested in audio playback, the Space doesn’t make much sense here, even if it doesn’t sound bad.

The strength of the device is a mixture of good sound quality and great microphones! The speaker has a great recording quality both via USB and Bluetooth! Your voice is recorded cleanly, doesn’t sound overly “compressed” and is super understandable, even at greater distances from the speaker. The noise reduction also works.

The music playback quality is also good! Not as good as the high-end Bluetooth speakers, but significantly better than 99% of all notebooks. We have a clean sound with good sonority and a generally successful sound image.

Beyerdynamic Space can also be used if you’re listening to music or web radio. Another plus is the Bluetooth connection and its quality. It makes hardly any qualitative difference whether you use Bluetooth or USB, which is not the case with all speakers of this type.

Our only criticism is the notable drop in playback quality when you use the microphone at the same time. If an application on your PC accesses the microphone, playback quality is reduced to call level. Voices are acceptable but generally a bit distasteful.

Price and availability

Beyerdynamic Space mini Bluetooth speaker with speaker phone costs $179, and it can be purchased via the website in Aquamarine, Charcoal, and Nordic Grey color options. Our Beyerdynamic Space review unit comes in Nordic Grey color.

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