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Best Wireless Headphones For Running

If you enjoy outdoor activities in the company of your favorite music, maybe you should use the right products. Today we will discover the best wireless headphones for running, specially designed for sports.

Best Wireless Headphones For Running

When looking for wireless headphones for running, we often forget that it is a very special type of product. In fact, there are hundreds of headphones, with different prices and form factor. Those for running, however, in addition to having to play quality audio, must be able to ensure maximum comfort.

If you are a sportsman and do you love doing activities with your favorite music, maybe you will have noticed that often the traditional earphones do not fit, creating problems that do not make the most of the ride.

Precisely for this reason today we will strive to show you the best wireless headphones for running, so you can always carry with you your favorite songs without sacrificing the convenience of products designed specifically for this purpose.

Best Wireless Headphones for Running

Also, don’t forget that when you choose sports headphones, there are many features you need to consider. In our opinion, the first of all is the choice of the type of connection. Bluetooth headphones provide an absolute freedom of movement, making it virtually impossible to remain tangled in the cables.

Second, but not less important characteristic to keep in mind is durability. Being products that will most likely be used even in adverse conditions, it is essential that these can resist to water and sweat.

That said, in the next few paragraphs we will present the best wireless headphones for running that we have selected for you. Among the models present, we are sure that you will find the one that best suits your use and your wallet.

1. Plantronics BackBeat Fit

[amazon box=”B01JKJN71A” /]

Plantronics had always been a brand that focuses on the quality of audio, churning out headphones every year that meet the demands of the most users. This model, in addition to providing excellent sound quality, offers a truly remarkable comfort, thanks to its perfect fit design.

The bow that runs all around the ear and the rubberized materials offer a really firm grip during the jogging. Despite this, you will still be able to hear the sounds of your surroundings, without ever being completely isolated, thus avoiding jeopardizing your safety in the traffic.

Do not forget the resistance to dust, sweat, and rain, accompanied by an excellent battery life of about 8 hours.

2. Urbanears Stadion

[amazon box=”B06XWKWBJG” /]

These Urbanears headphones for running are perhaps one of the models with the most particular design we have met. Available in four beautiful colors, it is a model designed to eliminate all those minor annoyances that may be caused by cables. The comfort during use is really high, thanks to a structure that wraps around the head and the ear without being invasive.

If you have any doubt about the position of the controls, we tell you that this will not affect the use in progress. Although the buttons are large, well distributed, and located in the back so really easy to find. Finally, a note of praise both the audio quality and battery life that exceeds up to 7 hours.

3. Bose Soundsport Wireless Headphones

[amazon box=”B01L7PSJFO” /]

Bose has always stood out as one of the leading manufacturers of audio accessories. These wireless headphones for running do not belie the positive trend of the company and bring music playback during physical activity on another level.

Their strength is undoubtedly the combination of absolute comfort, resistance to sweat and really deep bass. Of course, the presence of low tones may not make all users happy, but it is still a purely subjective opinion.

4. Shure SE215

[amazon box=”B074QQNY64″ /]

If you are using consumer-type audio products, perhaps the Shure brand will not be so familiar to you. In reality, it is one of the most appreciated brands by audiophiles around the world, which offers high-quality headphones and earphones, with all in all fair prices.

These Shure SE215 can easily battle with much more expensive products. Although it is not about headphones for sport in the strict sense, it can perform this task very well. The merit is above all ergonomics, which is allowed at all times a comfortable and stable fit.

5. Sennheiser CX Sport

[amazon box=”B07D46ZRHN” /]

Even Sennheiser offers a wide range of earphones and headphones for running, really comfortable products with excellent sound quality. This model could trick the less experienced eyes, made of plastic and with bright colors. In reality, the materials are durable and offer good durability.

Even the fit is high, thanks to the earhooks positioned around the earphones, which always guarantee a stability without becoming annoying. The only flaw currently found is the lack of marked bass. However, this is a purely subjective opinion from us, which will be fit for some users.

6. Philips Actionfit

[amazon box=”B01760FFOM” /]

Up to now, we have treated the best wireless headphones for running that even if not overly expensive, keep prices quite high. If we told you that there is a model from Philips that manages to perfectly combine quality with the economy?

These are Bluetooth headsets that offer excellent ergonomics, combined with a good sound quality. The bright colors make them perfect if you’re used to wearing a flamboyant look and a bit ‘out of the box. Do not forget the presence of an IPX2 certification, which allows these sports headsets to resist rain and sweat.

Top 10 Best-selling Wireless Headphones for Running

We want to present the top 10 best-selling Wireless Headphones for Running on Amazon, so you can provide a complete and detailed picture even of the appreciation of some models from users.

[amazon bestseller=”Wireless Headphones For Running” items=”10″]


The ones we have presented so far are the best wireless headphones for running. The models we have selected all deserve to be purchased for different reasons. You will then choose based on your interest, type that best suits your needs.

If you want to learn even more about various types of headphones or earphones, we leave you with some guides that will surely come in handy.

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