Best TPU Filament for 3D Printers

Often, the hardest, compactness and resistance of PLA, PLA + and ABS can be unwanted. It may seem weird, but there are also some 3D prints that can only accomplish by a flexible filament. The TPU filament is widely used in the world of 3D printing associated with the most common materials for the production of particular prints.

Best TPU Filaments for 3D Printers

Imagine the wheel of the toy car or air jet printed in 3D. Being less common than the others, it is extremely difficult to find it if not on the web, however, where its costs are not within everyone’s reach.

Warning: Before printing a TPU filament, be sure to mount a Direct Extruder, not the Bowden Extruder. Since the filament is less rigid, it is difficult to determine long distance without bending.

Best TPU Filament for 3D Printers

YoYi TPU Filament

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It is absolutely the best compromise between quality, price, and ease of printing. The YoYi filament, although not up to the most famous such as NinjaFlex, but is ideal for those approaching for the first time to print the TPU but still wants to achieve semi-professional results. The printing temperature is halfway between that of the PLA and that of the ABS and is placed at about 230°.

The adhesion to the printing plate, on the other hand, does not show any particular problems other than the normal ones related to the heated plate or to the environmental conditions. The weight is in 0.8kg and the thickness of the filament is 1.75mm.

NinjaFlex TPU Filament

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The NinjaFlex TPU filament from 1.75mm has no needs any introduction. It is probably the best available online, but it is only for the most experienced hands. Extrusion and adhesion to the printing plate must be perfectly calibrated to obtain the best from a filament of this kind. The weight of the reel is 500g, this will allow you to run long prints quietly, but will result in more expense. A single reel has a cost that is around $40, thus being very expensive.

SainSmart TPU Filament

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If the other strands are the right compromise from the qualitative point of view, SainSmart is quantitative. Its TPU coil, declared heavy 1kg, contains a good 800g of 1.75mm filament. The cost, if compared with competitors, is certainly a point in its favor and ranges between $30 to $35. However, the quality of the filament suffers a bit. However, most inexperienced users are extremely satisfied.

It is also appropriate to take a look at the top 10 best selling TPU filaments for 3D printers on the Amazon, to see the favorites and the best sellers among loyal customers of Jeff Bezos.

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