Eufy Clean X8 Pro Robot Vacuum: Grab the Best Amazon Deal Today

Anker is introducing the best deal on a robot vacuum, the Eufy Clean X8 Pro, which comes equipped with both mopping capabilities and a suction station. This innovative cleaning solution is now available and is specifically designed to meet the needs of pet owners.

Best deal on a robot vacuum Eufy Clean X8 Pro

The Eufy Clean X8 Pro retains its mopping functionality, employing a vibrating mop with a generous 270 ml water reservoir, eliminating the need for traditional mop attachments. When it returns to the station, the robot efficiently transfers the collected debris from its 335 ml dustbin into a spacious 2.5-liter dust bag, ensuring a substantial 45-day usage period.

For effective floor cleaning, the robot vacuum employs a dual-turbine system, delivering an impressive 4,000 Pa of suction power—twice the power for tackling carpets and various surfaces. It features a V-shaped roller brush with densely packed bristles and an active self-cleaning mechanism in the Active Detangling design. These features make the Eufy Clean X8 Pro an excellent choice for households with pets and the inevitable accumulation of pet hair.

Navigation within your home is managed through an iPath laser (LDS) system, which also provides precise mapping through the companion app. Users have the flexibility to set no-go zones, schedule cleaning sessions, and much more through the app. An integrated infrared obstacle avoidance system enhances its navigation capabilities. Additionally, voice control is supported through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Best deal on a robot vacuum Eufy Clean X8 Pro

Amazon has recognized the Eufy Clean X8 Pro as the best deal on a robot vacuum. This remarkable cleaning companion is currently available on for $499.99. Plus, there’s a built-in $100 coupon that can be applied during checkout, reducing the final price to just $399.99.

For those seeking even more convenience, the Eufy Clean X8 Pro with the Self-Empty Station is available for just $549.99 after applying the built-in $100 coupon on This substantial discount brings the price down from $649.99, making it one of the best deal on a robot vacuum equipped with mopping capabilities and a convenient suction station. is also offering this new Anker robotic vacuum, priced at £449 with an included £30 coupon, or £539 for the version with the Self-Empty Station after applying a built-in £60 coupon.

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In related news, Ecovacs has recently unveiled the best price robotic vacuum cleaner, Deebot N10 Plus. It combines powerful suction capabilities with mopping functionality. This advanced cleaning solution is complemented by the inclusion of a cutting-edge suction station and precise navigation facilitated by a LiDAR navigation system.

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