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LG 360 VR and LG 360 CAM Listed Online, Priced at $199.99

Along with the LG Cam Plus module of the G5, LG also launched two more accessories for user entertainment such as LG 360 VR (LG Virtual Reality Headset) and LG 360 CAM.Untitled-1

After listing of LG Cam Plus on B&HPhoto, they also listed prices of new accessories for LG G5, including LG 360 VR and LG 360 CAM, both share similar price tag as $199.99 USD. Personally, I believe that the offer price of these LG accessories are not high, especially when the LG 360 VR is significantly lighter and higher pixel density. As for the LG 360 CAM, it has up to 2 lenses and 2 image sensors, slightly close to Ricoh Theta and Theta S also cost around $250-350 depending on the version.

LG 360 VR Price & Specifications:

LG 360 VR Headset has lightweight and small design, will be connected to the LG G5 via USB-C while the LG 360 CAM will help to take pictures and shoot up to 13-megapixel 360 degrees video which can transfer from both the G5 and a separate application.Untitled-2

LG said 360 VR is a 2/3 lighter than other virtual reality glasses and indeed it is so (118 gram). Because no need to mount glass directly onto the G5 so the glass weight significantly reduced. Light weight accessory will helps to wear for a long time or head movements becomes easier. LG said, this glass can be connected to your LG G5 smartphone via a dedicated cable in order to simulate a 130″ television from a distance of 6.6′. There are two lenses each with a size of 1.88″ and resolution of 960 x 720 pixels with a with a pixel density of 639ppi. This LG G5 VR glasses also plays Google Cardboard Content and accompanied with gyro sensor, accelerometer and proximity sensor.

LG 360 VR can be pre-ordered from B&HPhoto store, priced at $199.99.

LG 360 CAM Price & Specifications:

The second accessory is 360 CAM, this is a 360-degree video camera for G5 users. When connected, 360 CAM will have the ability to record wide panorama thanks to its dual front and rear cameras with a 13-megapixel resolution. It’s a very compact, easily fit in the palm.Untitled-3

It used to record 360 degrees photograph or video and then viewed on the virtual reality glasses or on the phone. It is equipped with a total of two lenses, each with a 13MP resolution and can rotate up to 200 degree ultra-wide angle. It can capture photos and 2K (2560 x 1280) video in full 360 degree panoramic view.

LG 360 CAM has a bar-shaped, compact design, very convenient to hold. There is not any screen, but it can use your phone as a LiveView screen. During shooting user can also take pictures. In addition, it also has three microphones record 5.1-channel surround sound. The internal memory of the 360 CAM is only 4GB, which can be added further via microSD card and USB-C charging port. It packs in 1200mAh battery under the hood.

LG 360 CAM can be pre-ordered from B&HPhoto store, priced at $199.99.

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