Astell&Kern launches Layla AION Earphones With 12BA drivers, Priced at $3500

Astell&Kern and JH Audio introduce the Layla AION earphones to replace the previous Layla II line. With the price up to $3500, Layla AION hopes to continue the position of one of the Universal fit IEMs and both price and quality. It is introduced to be the perfect earphone for those who own Astell&Kern hi-res audio players.

The first Layla launched as a custom earphone in 2014 and created an extremely large effect on the professional user community, performances, proaudio and audiophiles. This new Layla AION series introduced to improve both the bonded design and the most advanced technologies to continue upgrading the sound quality compared to the past.

The first and most noticeable point is the change in Layla AION’s external design with new creation and investment. Instead of using metal housing as previous Layla models, the AION model used a carbon fiber shell with monolithic resin. Inside are hundreds of layers of carbon fiber pressed together after been coated with resin layers between exposed surfaces. This makes the weight of the earphones much lighter, more comfortable to wear, good sound insulation, and a comfortable feeling of skin contact. It is the complexity of housing construction that shows the skill and investment of Astell&Kern and JH Audio’s top headphones.

The faceplate is also redesigned with a prominent logo and striking background, much more impressive than Layla II. Housing parts, faceplate, and other components are meticulously crafted, precise and hand-assembled. Although Layla AION uses up to 12BA drivers for each earbud, however, using the “soundrIVe” technology will pool 4 mini drivers into a small cluster that works similarly to a big BA driver to improve sound quality, volume and the consistency of each driver. Each cluster of 4 drivers will be responsible for a different sound range (Bass x4, Mid x4, Treb x4). According to the company, the soundstage and the seamlessness between the strips of Layla AION will be much better than the model Layla II.

In addition, this product also uses the Sonic Tube Chassis. 3D printed chambers house the 12 driver configuration and implement freqphase technology – allows for a smaller shell design without bending on sound quality. Compared to sample Layla II, the size of Layla AION is 31% smaller and 45% lighter. This helps users to wear earphones more easily and fit well and still experience the high-quality sound of Layla. The JH Audio-specific freqPhase technology ensures the correct phase and time alignment of all frequencies, resulting in the most accurate music reproduction of any earphone available. According to the company, the audio signal of each driver for extremely high accuracy with a delay of 0.01 millisecond.

Layla AION’s connector is also changed from the previous special 4-pin connector, no one has been used before with a 7-pin connector from Germany. Also, follow military standards with iridium material. This is recommended by the company to make it easier to unplug and to have an extremely strong barrier, no breakage of connector pins and moisture resistance caused by environmental agents. The nozzle section has a special resonant sound chamber “Acoustic Sound Chamber” to protect the internal components from dirt and moisture and the tone tuning before reaching the listener’s ears.

Layla AION still has a bass band control range (from 10Hz to 100Hz) to customize the user. The connecting Jack part is a 2.5mm balanced head that can be used by Astell&Kern audio players, however, the product will come with a single-ended toggle switch for 3.5mm to use with normal headphones. The frequency response range from 10Hz to 23kHz, 117 dB sensitivity and 20 Ohm impedance can be used with various sources such as phones, computers and even hires music players.

It can be pre-ordered through Astell&Kern’s website and delivery will be scheduled for users by September.


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