Z Cam E2-M5G cinema camera with global shutter and 16-stop DD announced

Z Cam unveiled their latest cinema camera at IBC 2023, adopting a cube-shaped form factor. This new camera, named the Z Cam E2-M5G, operates on the M4/3 format and boasts remarkable features, including support for 5K video recording, global shutter technology, dual native ISO capabilities, and an impressive dynamic range of 16 stops.

Z CAM E2-M5G Cinema Camera

Notably, the Z Cam E2-M5G model allows for potential M4/3 mount replacement, expanding compatibility with a wide array of the company’s lenses. A Z Cam representative at the exhibition emphasized that this camera offers the broadest dynamic range among all the manufacturer’s devices.

The Z Cam E2-M5G camera enables 5K video recording at speeds of up to 60 fps and supports 4K recording at up to 94 fps. Furthermore, when you configure the aspect ratio to 2.4:1 in 4K mode, you can achieve a remarkable 116 frames per second.

For recording, the Z Cam camera accommodates CFast 2.0 format cards, although recording to an external SSD drive via USB-C is also possible. However, it’s important to note that this isn’t recommended due to the intricate design of the USB-C connection.

According to Z Cam’s internal testing, the sensor’s Dual Conversion Gain technology facilitates capturing up to 16 stops of dynamic range, a remarkable feat, especially when considering the presence of a Global Shutter.

The camera offers multiple options for M4/3 mount replacement, such as EF, PL, or the new LPL mount. There’s even an EF Turbo Mount option, featuring a built-in 0.7x extender for effective use of full-frame or Super35 optics. Additionally, users can opt for a specialized eND filter module compatible with EF and PL mounts.

Z CAM E2-M5G Cinema Camera

Unlike the Z Cam E2-F6 Pro camera model, equipped with a 12G-SDI port, the new Z Cam cameras are equipped with HDMI ports. Nonetheless, they boast extensive I/O and connectivity options, including a 2-pin LEMO for power, USB-C, Wi-Fi, CTRL, 2.5mm LANC, Ethernet, mini-XLR, 2-pin AUX (12 V), as well as a 3.5 mm jack for microphones and headphones.

It’s essential to consider that cameras of this form factor typically require additional equipment for full operation, such as an external monitor, cage, handle, microphone mount, and other accessories. Therefore, when opting for such cameras, accounting for the cost of additional gear in advance is advisable.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the manufacturer may introduce another cinema camera with a global shutter to their lineup in the future, possibly featuring a larger sensor than the current optical format.

Z Cam E2-M5G price and release date

The Z Cam E2-M5G cinema camera is now available for pre-order on Bhphotovideo.com, with an expected release date towards the end of October 2023. The official retail price for this feature-packed camera is set at $3,999.

Z CAM E2-M5G Cinema Camera

In a related development, Blackmagic Design recently introduced three new cameras designed for professional videography: the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K, Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Plus G2, and Blackmagic Design Micro Studio Camera 4K G2, expanding their range of filmmaking tools.

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