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Sound Devices launches new Gen MixPre-6 II Multitrack Recorder

Sound Devices has released an updated range of MixPre multitrack recorders for concert and studio work. One of the new members of the series is MixPre-6 II 6-Channel field recorder, which has a dynamic range of 115 dB and supports working with sampling frequency up to 32 bit 192 kHz. Unlike the previous generation portable audio recorder device, the Sound …

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Digital Voice Recorders: Which One I should Buy

Best Voice Recorders

Let’s find out with us which voice recorders to consider according to your needs, evaluating the main parameters: expandable memory, battery, weight, and size! How many times did you have to record lessons because you could not attend your class? Ask your classmate for notes on a specific lesson not always to replace the professor’s explanation. In order not to …

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