Selfie Shoes: The revolution of Selfie photography

Forget the regular way or stick to take a selfie, now is the time of shoes take a selfie.


The “take a selfie” – selfie spread so strong that the phrase of Selfie was voted the word of 2013. The mobile manufacturers try to integrate the latest technologies to support the user’s pleasures. There is provision should represent bridge, where mobile operators do not satisfy all the wishes of the customers then a variety of accessories born. Take a selfie with sticks, long stick to allow users to mount the phone on the surface. But perhaps all will be past when the “Selfie Shoes” appear.


The Miz Moon, a famous shoe company in New York has introduced a new invention will create a revolution in a Selfie photography. Products with this unique shoe will solve all the problems that women often encounter when using hand or stick to selfie photography. In essence, these shoes are coming with a phone attached dock extends from the toe to allow users to use the legs instead of selfie sticks.

In the promotional video, models demonstrate the ability of the Selfie Shoes can be referred to as the “Shoefie” – the thing that brings users looking for so long.


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