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Selfie Arm for Singles to Take a Selfie

The duo of designers Aric Snee and Justin Crowe created a gadget called Selfie Arm for everyone who finally despaired alone. Currently, selfie photography has become the mainstream of everyone. People are taking a selfie photograph alone, or with friends, And by using a selfie sticks “take a selfie” becomes easier. The designer Justin Crowe with Aric Snee presents a …

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Selfie Shoes: The revolution of Selfie photography

Forget the regular way or stick to take a selfie, now is the time of shoes take a selfie. The “take a selfie” – selfie spread so strong that the phrase of Selfie was voted the word of 2013. The mobile manufacturers try to integrate the latest technologies to support the user’s pleasures. There is provision should represent bridge, where …

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Lenovo launched Robot to take a selfie at CES 2015

The work of take a selfie photography will probably reach a new robot dedicated to take a selfie picture presented by Lenovo called Lenovo Vibe Fiebot. At this time CES 2015, Lenovo brought many interesting accessories, and especially towards the needs selfie photography is so prevalent today. Of these, notably to mention the robot Vibe Fiebot helps users take a …

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