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3 High Quality Selfie Camera Smartphone with Front LED Flash

Selfie Camera Smartphone that also integrated front LED flash is good enough for any teenager today. Look around worldwide, and you will find someone with an arm outstretched, smart phone in hand, big smile or pout and clicking away. So we have 3 high quality Selfie Camera Smartphone with Front LED Flash for selfie lovers. HTC Desire Eye: Capture beautiful …

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Microsoft Selfie: New Selfie app for iOS devices

Microsoft Selfie, a new selfie app for iOS devices from Microsoft; a simple app that can make your self-portrait more beautiful. As the name suggests, this application is designed to take a selfie and features that it will consider age, gender, color, lighting conditions and many other factors to automatically improve the quality of the image. The Microsoft Selfie app …

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Selfie Arm for Singles to Take a Selfie

The duo of designers Aric Snee and Justin Crowe created a gadget called Selfie Arm for everyone who finally despaired alone. Currently, selfie photography has become the mainstream of everyone. People are taking a selfie photograph alone, or with friends, And by using a selfie sticks “take a selfie” becomes easier. The designer Justin Crowe with Aric Snee presents a …

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Nikon introduces new Selfie Stick for Coolpix cameras

New Selfie Stick codenamed N-MP001 is the latest product of the Nikon company, it is a stick to take a selfie photograph, priced $ 60 and designed specifically for their Coolpix cameras. Recently, a Selfie Stick is an emerging accessories, for smartphones and Cameras, user can mount their cameras and be able to portrait photography or take a Selfies Pictures. …

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Selfie Shoes: The revolution of Selfie photography

Forget the regular way or stick to take a selfie, now is the time of shoes take a selfie. The “take a selfie” – selfie spread so strong that the phrase of Selfie was voted the word of 2013. The mobile manufacturers try to integrate the latest technologies to support the user’s pleasures. There is provision should represent bridge, where …

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