Pentax KF APS-C SLR Camera now available to Pre-order

Ricoh Imaging has announced the release of its latest rugged SLR camera, the Pentax KF. According to the manufacturer, the camera comes with an APS-C sensor and is focused on all types of outdoor shooting. It received a compact, dustproof and weather-resistant body, as well as an optical viewfinder.

Pentax KF release date and price

The Pentax KF camera received a CMOS matrix with a resolution of 24.2 megapixels and no AA filter. It can provide a minimum amount of noise at all ISO values. New Prime MII processor installed. The maximum ISO for the Pentax KF is 102,400.

The Pentax KF camera comes with a built-in proprietary SR (Shake Reduction) stabilization mechanism. This system is reported to effectively minimize camera shake and deliver sharp, blur-free footage even when using long lenses and when shooting in low light conditions.

With the image stabilization system, an exposure compensation of 4.5 stops can be achieved, which is close to that of Pentax’s high-end models, says Ricoh Imaging.

The proprietary stabilization system compensates not only for camera body shake when shooting handheld but also for horizontal or vertical shifts that often occur during macro photography, as well as wiggle effects.

When panning, the system automatically detects the direction of camera movement and effectively controls the Shake Reduction unit to obtain the best image without requiring switching between modes.

The stabilization mechanism made it possible to implement the latest Pixel Shift Resolution System technology in Pentax KF and add an AA anti-aliasing filter emulator to reduce moiré.

Pentax KF release date and price

When using the Pixel Shift Resolution System function, the Pentax KF camera shoots four frames of the same scene (with the sensor shifted by one pixel for each subsequent frame), after which they are automatically combined into a single clear image.

According to the manufacturer, this Pixel Shift system, compared to a similar one on Bayer matrices, in which each pixel receives information about only one color, allows each pixel to receive data about all colors.

It means that the result is an ultra-high-resolution image with much more natural colors and more detail than that produced by a conventional Bayer-type APS-C sensor.

Pixel Shift Resolution System technology includes a motion correction function. Such a system automatically detects a moving subject during continuous shooting and minimizes the negative effects that occur during the process of combining frames with a dynamic scene.

The CMOS sensor of the Pentax KF SLR camera provides tilt in all directions, which provides many additional functions, including AstroTracer, it simplifies advanced astrophotography in combination with the optional O-GPS2 GPS module, as well as the functions of automatic horizon correction (Auto Horizon Correction) and increased sharpness (Extra Sharpness).

Pentax KF release date and price

The latest Pentax KF camera uses a hybrid autofocus system when shooting in real time (Live View). The sensor is equipped with contrast and phase autofocus sensors on the sensor surface, allowing you to take full advantage of both focusing systems.

The new SAFOX X AF autofocus module is equipped with 11 sensors, including 9 cross-type central sensors, and provides accurate focus on the subject at a minimum brightness level of up to -3 EV exposure levels, according to the manufacturer’s website.

In addition, the accuracy of tracking autofocus when shooting moving subjects is provided by additional functions: the expansion of the selected area (Select-area Expansion function), it automatically tracks the moving object using neighboring points after it moves away from the starting point, and the AF Hold function (AF Hold function), which retains the initial focus point even when the module loses sight of the object.

Pentax KF comes with a high-speed shutter, shutter speeds can reach up to 1/6000 second with continuous shooting up to 6 frames per second.

In terms of DSLR camera video, the Pentax KF camera provides many advanced time-lapse features, including:

Interval Movie: 4K resolution time-lapse video. It allows you to take a series of photos at a fixed interval and link them into a single 4K video file.

Star Stream Movie: allows you to record star tracks, as well as traces of highlights on a video file with a resolution of 4K.

Interval Composite: interval multi-composition that stitches one frame from images captured in a given interval, while the photographer can choose one of three modes of combining images: average, additive, and comparative.

The body of the Pentax KF camera has an optical pentaprism viewfinder with almost 100% coverage of the frame area, x0.95 magnification. All this gives a bright, clear, and realistic image, and therefore allows you to easily and quickly focus on the subject, confirm the focus, and also carry out a verified framing.

The camera has a Double e-dial system, identical to those used in high-end models, and original Pentax shooting functions, such as Hyper Program. This feature allows users to instantly switch from Program to Aperture or Shutter Priority without taking their eyes off the viewfinder.

Pentax KF release date and price

The camera received an LCD with a resolution of 1,037,000 dots, which can be rotated to the desired angle, which makes it easier to shoot from various non-standard positions.

The LCD monitor, whose brightness can be instantly adjusted depending on the level of ambient light, received the function of a red display backlight. This feature should be appreciated not only by adherents of astrophotography but also by all fans of night photography.

The Pentax camera comes with a Wi-Fi module for interfacing with mobile devices. All this is done with the free Image Sync app for mobile devices. Thus, users can shoot remotely in Live View format, change camera settings, transfer images to their devices and share them on social networks.

The camera will work equally well in the studio and difficult conditions such as rain, dusty air, and low temperatures, according to the manufacturer. The body of this compact camera has 100 seals. It is guaranteed to function at low temperatures down to -10°C. And so that the camera can be operated while wearing gloves, all the buttons on the rear panel and mode switches are designed with the requirements of active outdoor shooting in mind.

It will help to shoot, for example, when climbing mountains or when shooting winter sports events.

Pentax KF release date and price

The latest Pentax KF compact APS-C DSLR in black is available now to pre-order on and It will be available from the end of November 2022 for $846.95 per body or $946.95 with a Pentax DA L 18-55mm F3 lens. 5-5.6 AL WR lens kit.

Pentax recently introduced a new Macro lens for its SLR cameras with sensors in full-frame 35mm and APS-C format from the Pentax brand. The HD Pentax-D FA Macro 100mm f2.8 ED AW comes with improved optical design, and the tele macro promises a further increase in imaging quality and can be pre-ordered on online store for $546.95.

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