OWC Accelsior 8M2: World’s Fastest, Most Powerful PCIe SSD

OWC announced the Accelsior 8M2, a new PCIe M.2 NVMe SSD. The device supports PCIe Gen3 and Gen4 and boasts staggering performance of up to 26,000MB/s and storage capacities of up to 64TB.

OWC Accelsior 8M2 PCIe M.2 NVMe SSD

The Accelsior 8M2 NVMe M.2 SSD is designed for high-performance systems. Mac Pro 2019, Windows and Linux operating and acts as a PCIe expansion card in which eight M.2 NVMe SSDs are inserted and run at extraordinary speed on PCIe Gen4 x16 lanes. The OWC SSD supports both PCIe Gen3 and Gen4. However, Gen3 speeds reach a maximum of 12,000MB / s.

According to OWC, the Accelsior 8M2 offers many advantages thanks to its extremely fast performance. It can design and store large graphics and image files, and virtual reality environments can flow uninterrupted. In addition, it allows rendering and processing at lightning speed; work can also be done simultaneously in many production applications and libraries. It also supports many RAID levels and allows reading and editing of 16 streams of 8K ProRes444 in Final Cut Pro X without any issues.

The Accelsior 8M2 has a single slot design and a full-length shape. Additionally, an aircraft-grade aluminum heat shield covers the board and a quiet cooling fan maintains the device’s incredible performance. This NVMe-based storage device is marketed to industries that demand reliable low latency performance, such as automation, retail, and smart city ecosystems.

OWC Accelsior 8M2 price and availability

Pricing for the Accelsior 8M2 starts at $1,299 for the base 2TB model and consists of eight 240GB NVMe M.2 SSDs. For a staggering price of $12,999, the most premium variant 64TB includes eight 8TB M.2 NVMe SSDs. They can be purchased via Bhphotovideo.com, and OWC supplies these devices with a five-year limited warranty.

Recently, OWC has also announced the Mercury Pro U.2 Dual device, which enables high-performance desktop storage with U.2 SSDs, and its pricing starts from $219.

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