Wampler launches Metaverse Multi Delay Pedal with MIDI Control Center

The Wampler Metaverse is the latest pedal in the MIDI DSP series. The manufacturer says they spent a lot of time playing with the best delay pedals available, including their creations, and brought them all together in this pedal with MIDI control center.

Wampler Metaverse Multi Delay Pedal with MIDI Control Center

Wampler has packed 11 of Brian Wampler’s favorite delay effects into one compact stomp box. The new Wampler pedals are fully stereo, fully programmable, and offer a MIDI control center, presets, and an expression input that you can assign to any of the parameters.

Metaverse Wampler pedals ship with 11 different delay algorithms handpicked by Brian Wampler. All programs use a continuous range from 25 to 2000 milliseconds (except for the TAPE program which starts at 40 ms). Therefore, it is possible to first set your desired delay settings to match the song and then turn the program selector to search for the most suitable sound.

Only one delay effect can be used at a time. It is operated either directly via the self-explanatory controls of the effect pedal or completely via MIDI. The pedal comes with 8 preloaded presets and can store up to 128 presets in total. The digital device works with a 48 kHz sampling rate and 24 bits and transmits the signal from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Since nobody likes to read manuals, Wampler took special care to make this product as simple as possible. You can also find a series of videos on how to use the Metaverse on the manufacturer’s website. Apart from the stupid name, we can’t see any criticisms. The price also seems fair for what is offered.

Wampler Metaverse price and availability

The Wampler Metaverse multi delay pedal with MIDI control center costs $349.97 and can be purchased via the Amazon.com store.

Earlier this year, Line6 introduced the DL4 MKII delay pedal with the modified case, which now looks a little less like a car from the 50s, there are a total of 128 preset slots available. 6 directly on the pedal and 122 via MIDI. The four footswitches and six controls (time/subdiv, repeats, tweak, tweez, mix) are well-known, but the legacy push button is new, with which the old delays can be accessed. It costs $299.99.

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