LG 8K TV 98 inch introduced at IFA 2014

Currently, the major TV manufacturers are competing among themselves to introduce new 4K TVs, while LG 2014 TV demonstrated a single 8K TV 98 inch size was very impressive. LG said that 4K TVs are already being outdated. LG present individual 8K TV at IFA 2014.

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Of course, this LG 8K TV does not have a specific code name for the plan to commercialize. Instead, what we know is definitely a resolution of 7680×4320 pixels, which is 16 times better then full HD and 4 times than 4K. The pixel is almost not visible when the eyes from the TV about 6 inches (15 cm) and completely invisible if seen at a distance of 3 feet (1 meter). Or to put it another way, what you see on TV is just like in life, so deep feeling generated by high resolution.

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This is not the first 8K TVs was introduced. In 2012, Sharp introduced each prototype 85-inch 8K TV at CES, and Panasonic also do the same thing at IFA with a 145-inch plasma TV. By early 2014, Samsung also create unexpected visit to the disclosure form Samsung 8K TV 98 Inch TV at CES 2014, however, the difference is most likely LG will soon commercialize this product.

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A major obstacle to commercialization of such 8K TV Price is super expensive, when issued and especially content display. While users are finding difficulty for content for 4K and 8K, which are definitely very rare.

Some broadcasters like NHK in Japan is actively working to realize this dream. Under the plan, Japan will broadcast live television 4K in 2016 to cater to the summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. And right until 2018, the beginning 4K TV popularity. LG 8K TV is nothing specific, other than the promise of NHK in 2022 or beyond.

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With the launch of the LG 8K TV 98-inch is amazing, LG once again demonstrates their outstanding efforts in developing and leading industry show in the world.

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