Toshiba NB15T Touch screen Laptop reviews

Toshiba may have studied the market very carefully and launch this NB15T laptop. This laptop is specially designed for college students and employees need to study or working without pay high price. Toshiba NB15T virtually fulfill the basic criteria. Therefore, Toshiba NB15T is becoming one of the most interesting laptops.

Toshiba NB15T Design and Style

Toshiba NB15T Touch screen laptop

Toshiba nb 15T from the Satellite line, with angular and rounded at the front end with slim body. The lid is painted silver with horizontal ridge feels comfortable to hold, good adhesion and silver is a very elegant color. However, the laptop looks slightly sensational, but does not affect much.

Despite its compact design, but Toshiba nb 15t A1302 support VGA connector, RJ45 jack, USB 3.0 and HDMI ports as well. All integrated left side edge, along with a fan. It can be seen quite thin and beautiful with curve looks very hi-tech.

Area to hand in touchpad also likes the cover, but worked with the roughness and sweat limited, you will feel comfortable working a long time. Contrary to the lid and touchpad, the entire lower body portion connected to the computer and the screen is black durable plastic, it also creates the luxurious looks.

Part of the left side will look closely to see the Toshiba logo. If you look clearly at the same time to feel your touch cannot be found any hard surface. It’s not cheap material, but you will feel the difference in prices. The Toshiba logo is placed on the right side cover, the image below, we can see clearly the horizontal ridge of the cover is fantastic. The edge has 2 USB 2.0 ports and power outlets.

Overall the Toshiba 11 Inch Laptop is good, we will see a completely different structure in it. Manufacturers make a very fine layout enabling an exhaust vent, creating a cooling flow circulation inside the laptop. You can also access the below toshiba laptop parts easily, just remove a few screws.

In general appearance can see the Toshiba laptop good design, simple material was compared with the price range, the manufacturer has demonstrated concern about the level of perfection of the product. With size of 28.4×20.8×2.29 cm and weighs 1.27 kg. Toshiba NB15t is very thick and lighter, its direct competitor is the Chromebook C720P.

Touch screen laptop – most valuable strengths:

Toshiba NB15T laptop supports touch screen to help you easily use Windows 8, if you use a Windows phone or tablet, this is a great for work and study. The display quality of the 11.6-inch screen resolution of 1366×768 pixels. It’s an acceptable in this budget laptops, in bright whether the viewing angle is not very wide.

What you pay for, you could not ask for a better touch screen at this price. An ideal point of view, the fast response of the touch screen is a first needs of everybody. Watching HD movies and playing games, this one is good. Toshiba Satellite nb 15T has a small screen with the narrow angle, but pixel density is pretty sharp.


The sound quality is not reflected too much on you. It’s a little annoying to listening music with high volume with full treble or bass. For example, some rock music, treble will a shrill and bass speaker will shake.

Toshiba has integrated quite as pro dtsSound software operating system. Generally, you should be buying a good headphone for a better experience with this Toshiba NB15T.

Keyboard and Touchpad:

The keyboard is very fine, smooth for typing though not really perfect because the key is a bit shallow. If you look closely, it felt a little spacing between the keys, so much smaller keys. The key word is not as big as expected. The arrow keys and Caps Lock are also slightly smaller size. Not really satisfied with the Keyboard.

Touchpad of 8.25 x 4.44 cm size is just enough for this 11-inch laptop. The Toshiba NB15t touchpad is also equipped with the left mouse button, not integrated into the touchpad. Users will spend less time on the touchpad because touch screen is more convenient.


The Toshiba NB15T has a Celeron processor N2810 2.0 GHz and 4 GB of RAM, this laptop’s performance stands at learning, work, and pure entertainment. Toshiba¬†satellite just strong enough to perform basic tasks such as word processing, surfing the web and watching movies. This laptop cannot perform heavyweight tasks. However, this is not too bad.

Toshiba NB15T A1302 Notebook takes up to 19 seconds to complete booting Windows 8, 3 seconds slower than the average ultraportable touch laptop. Acer Chromebook takes 8 seconds, while the Transformer T100 takes 17 seconds to boot Windows 8.

Toshiba laptop copy transfer speed of 24 MB/sec, quite similar to the Chromebook C270P (23 MB/sec) and T100 (25 MB/sec).

Toshiba laptop batteries:

In testing, continuous Web surfing over Wi-Fi at 40% brightness, 3-cell battery of Toshiba NB15t only last 4 hours 7 minutes, which is only two thirds the average of 6 hours 42 minutes laptop/netbook segment. Transformer T100 battery life up to 12 hours 28 minutes, while the Acer Chromebook C720P reached 6 hours 18 minutes. Of course, this result would not expect you to be comfortable to play games NB15T, even the smallest and lightest online games. Moreover, Intel HD 4000 graphics card will not help you play any high-end games too.

With a fairly low Toshiba Netbook Price, you will be accept some weaknesses of Toshiba NB15t. Weak battery life, and low quality keyboard is not perfect. However, the attractive price in the Indian market, and the touch screen on the Toshiba Netbooks will still be advantageous to attract more users, especially students.

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