Samsung 4K LED TV : UN40HU6950 Review

Do not be mistaken that all 4K TVs are to have the largest screen size or extremely expensive price. Samsung – the world leading manufacturer of TV products recently announced Samsung 4K LED TV UN40HU6950 at a price of $997 became the new member of the Samsung 4K LED TV HU6950 line. As of 2014, the 4K television screen a 65 inch, now 40 inches will help users have a better ability to pay.

Samsung 4K LED TV

With a small but must compete with other big-screen TVs. Television owns contrast and accurate color is accompanied by a very high resolution. When the backlight in the TV medium and made for a motion performance was really good. This is a perfect TV. Overall, the 40-inch Samsung 4K LED TV is a true performer and this is one of 4K TVs can have the most sales this year. This is also available in screen sizes of 50 and 55 inches.

The image quality of Samsung 4K LED TV:

The HU6950 is its 4K resolution television brings the number of pixels greater than 4 times the number of pixels on a conventional Full HD TV,  the picture displayed on HU6950 extremely sharp. This really is a great TV capable of  performances of all types of traditional television line. And  considering the price, we can say this is the best mid-range Samsung 55 Smart TV this year with high overall flexibility.

After conducting tests, the Samsung UN40HU6950 TV showed his highlights. Images displayed achieve deep black levels, good contrast, color accuracy when used in movie mode is on. In addition, you can also use Ultra High Definition   screen as a desktop computer or a TV. Image achieves high consistency so when you see it in the upper corner of the black or dark gray screens have the same brightness as compared to the TV center.

However, Samsung TV also has a downside is you will not see a good image when viewed from an angle not too far to the center of the TV. The rear design is quite flat and arranged connections

Gamers and sports lovers will be very happy with this because the TV when you turn on the game mode have time to quickly display and display relatively short latency. The overall performance of the TV motion is laudable, there are very few areas appear blurry like LED TVs. If there is such a situation occurs, the customized mode Auto Motion Plus HU6950 TV will fix it immediately.

Design of Samsung 4K LED TV:

Samsung may have been famous by the curved lines TV this year, but remains Samsung 4K LED TV HU6950 designed with a traditional shape. TV is designed with two colors, silver and black, vertical reach base with contoured edges Benzel thin metal surround. The back cover of the TV is use plastic with lightly decorated of all connectors.

Samsung 4K LED HU6950 TV is full of connections to choose, even if it is considered too rich compared with a 40 inch TV. All connections are arranged in an L shape at the back of the screen, including 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB 2.0 input port, 1 Ethernet port (LAN), composite and component inputs, coaxial jack for TV cable or antenna, digital audio output, analog audio output, IR blaster output and RS-232 control port. Its also lets you can download the newest features of the Samsung.

Samsung did not add many features in this TV, should only be put in the low line on the 4K TV. However, television still  incorporates Samsung Smart Control feature allows navigating through gestures and voice. In addition, the cursor control is a great addition to the Smart TV system, although drivers should use ingenuity and a lot of practice.

Samsung 4K LED TV Features:

Samsung’s Smart Hub is added televisions to add value for users to use. However, the Samsung Smart TV 4K is still not integrated 3D mode. Samsung 4K LED TV UN40HU6950 capable of Internet connectivity and Smart Hub-centric role for online services, applications, games.

The basic applications on televisions including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Facebook, Twitter, Internet browser and access to Wi-Fi media. Smart Hub is fully optimized when used in high resolution, but the other applications are not supported. The regime’s internal upscaling TV is capable of displayed images with no flaws.

Some TV software is very easy to use. Menu of Samsung comply with 4K resolution should it be displayed amazing. Each option in the menu item Picture and Audio are accompanied by explanations are quite detailed and appreciate the usefulness. This Samsung HU6950 also supports the normal picture mode as the Samsung TV line, Different modes like Standard, Dynamic, Natural, and Movie. Besides, you will also find a variety of options including sound in TV mode virtual surround sound and equalizer sound field.

The additional software on Samsung Hu 6950 also cannot fail to mention, it controls the calibration, advanced than those of other advanced 4K TV. The Advanced Menu Control mode, the control hobby and DIY with slider calibrated gamma, white balance with a scale from 2-10 and color management  system ensures comprehensive image quality always meets the standards.


Samsung 4K LED TV UN40HU6950 actually has better quality than both its exterior design. Also reasonable price Television also owns high resolution, high color accuracy and features well-designed smart. But the Samsung Hu 6950 screen is slightly smaller 4K and its not a Samsung 4K 3D TV, but it brings many benefits for visual display. In addition to the edges illuminated TV makes the backlight bleed and not create unity is also the point that users need to consider.

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  1. I am considering purchasing the 40 inch version of this model as well as the 50 inch for a home bar that I am building. Since they will be used mostly for sporting events, does it really perform that well with as little blurring effect as you say? Reading other reviews, I was concerned that the 60hz refresh rate would pose to be a problem. Any help would be greay appreciated.

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