DJI Mavic 3 Pro with Hasselblad triple camera, Four-Thirds sensor, and Apple ProRes support

With the Mavic 3 Pro, DJI has introduced the best drone camera for photography, which has an additional telephoto camera with a larger sensor and higher resolution when compared to the regular Mavic 3. The Hasselblad main camera with a large Four-Thirds sensor is retained.

best drone camera for photography DJI Mavic 3 Pro

After the DJI Mavic 3 with two cameras and the cheaper DJI Mavic 3 Classic (approx. $1,600 on Amazon) with only one camera, the best drone camera for photography specialists is expanding the range with the Mavic 3 Pro, which introduces a new telephoto camera.

In addition to the main camera with Hasselblad branding, a 24 mm lens, and a 20-megapixel sensor in Four-Thirds format and the 12 MP 166 mm telephoto camera with a sensor in 1/2 inch format, the Mavic 3 Pro also has a 48 MP 70 mm telephoto camera with a sensor in 1/1.3 inch format. The longer telephoto camera gets a faster f/3.4 lens and the option to record 4K videos at 60 frames per second. 5.1K videos and 4K slow-motion at 120 frames per second are reserved for the main camera.

best drone camera for photography DJI Mavic 3 Pro

If you want to record videos in Apple ProRes 422, you have to use the more expensive Mavic 3 Pro Cine, which also has a 1 TB SSD instead of 8 GB flash memory. The additional camera increases the weight of the drone from 895 grams to 958 grams, which means that the 5,000 mAh battery only allows a maximum flight time of 43 minutes instead of 46 minutes, video recordings and the DJI APAS 5.0 obstacle detection further reduce the runtime.

DJI Mavic Pro 3 price and availability

The DJI Mavic Pro 3 price starts from $2,199, and it can now be ordered from and online shops. And the shipping will begin on May 9, 2023.

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