Best Bluetooth Speakers for Home

The Bluetooth speakers have now entered into our daily lives for years. There are really all types, from the cheapest and compact models designed to get the most out of the sound and power. Since we have already covered this topic on other occasions, today we will focus on the Best Bluetooth speakers for home, perfect for enjoying quality audio in all conditions.

Best Bluetooth Speakers for Home

Best Bluetooth Speakers for Home

Compared to the traditional ones that you use every day with your smartphone, wireless Bluetooth speakers for home are decidedly more advanced products. These are models made with the utmost care and high-quality audio quality. If you love listening to your favorite songs, perhaps with Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music, these loudest portable Bluetooth speakers could easily become your favorite companions.

In the following paragraphs, we will try to present you the best Bluetooth speakers for home, focusing a lot on audio quality and design. Are you curious to find out the models we have selected?

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless

With a 200W power output, this Blue tooth speaker is certainly one of the best alternatives that you can decide to buy for your home. It is a now iconic product that concentrates on its interior a high-level audio technology and a very special design that is reminiscent of the Zeppelin airships. The sound is really accurate and clean thanks to the aptX transmission codec.

Sonos Play:5

Sonos is one of the most popular brands worldwide for high quality best Bluetooth speakers. This model is currently the best built by the company and hides within it a respectable technical sector. Under the surface there are six loudspeakers powered by six dedicated digital amplifiers and thanks to TruePlay technology, the sound adjusts automatically according to the acoustics of the room. Please note that in order to make the most of Sonos products, you must use the Internet connection.

B&O Play by Bang & Olufsen Beolit 15

B & O is a trademark also used in supercars, where audio systems are of the highest quality. Why not give it confidence, even in your home? This portable speakers Bluetooth model offers a 100W power output and is powered by a battery with an estimated duration of 24 hours. The design, although not the most elegant, makes this product perfect for any decor, especially the modern art. If you want to take it with you even at a party, the built-in battery will not stop you!

Bose SoundTouch 30 Series III

In spite of the secret that Bose often maintains on the technical characteristics of its products, it is clear that any Bose wireless Bluetooth speaker model exiting from the doors of the factory is endowed with an excellent sound quality. The sound produced with a maximum power of 150W, is definitely well balanced, even if slightly tending to lower. An excellent quality also the dedicated application, through which you can play your favorite songs in high quality.

Vifa Copenhagen 2.0

Preview Product Rating Price
Vifa Copenhagen 2.0 Sunset Vifa Copenhagen 2.0 Sunset

If you are particularly attentive to even the smallest details of the products you buy, this wireless speaker for the home is really the best you can choose. Designed and manufactured in Denmark, it is a model with a compact, purely Scandinavian design. However, this gives it an elegance that is difficult to find in competing products. If we combine this with a really above average sound quality and a well-balanced sound, we are sure that many of you will be willing to turn a blind eye to the price not really accessible.

Marshall Woburn

If most of the amplifiers using world-class rock bands are branded Marshall, there must be a reason. With this best wireless speakers, you will seem to attend a concert, thanks to the 90W power despite its small size. The frequencies are reproduced faithfully and the sound will never be blurred or unclear: if combined with a lower price than other products, it is a hypothetical choice that is really valid.

Sony GTK-XB90

We close this article dedicated to the best Bluetooth speakers for home with a Sony Bluetooth speaker model that at first glance may seem lower quality compared to direct competitors. In fact, inside it hides two tweeters and two woofers that explode the sound with a really unexpected power. The long-lasting battery allows you to easily exceed 12 hours of battery life and thanks to the dedicated application you will have complete control of this Sony speaker along with the integrated LED system.

Conclusions & Other Interesting Articles

If you were looking for a Bluetooth speaker for home with a quality audio out of the ordinary, today we should have satisfied you. The models that we have presented all offer really high performance both in terms of sound and power output.

If then you are real audiophiles who like us just cannot stay away from their favorite music, in the guides you find below you will encounter many other very interesting products.

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