Vespa Camera Concept Design

Two designers Rotimi Solola and Cait Miklasz came together to create a camera named Vespa Camera Concept.


This is a product with innovative ideas and impressions. The Vespa Camera Concept design is nearly identical to the normal compact camera, but it’s different because the lines reminiscent of the model Vespa. Even the colors, the two designers also chose a very subtle blue color characteristic of the Vespa.

Vespa Camera Concept Design Vespa Camera Concept Design Untitled-3

Unknown maker has seen photos of this Concept Camera design yet. But if you can produce the commercial Vespa Camera Concept will be a very interesting story. The Vespa has many lovers in the world, including classic cars and new cars. Therefore, a Digital Concepts Camera comes true natural Vespa would be a suitable option. Wait and watch.


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