Vector SmartWatch with battery life up to 30 days

A Vector, a watchmaker from London, has launched two new SmartWatch with battery life up to 30 days and is compatible with all three iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.


The round 44mm diameter SmartWatch named Luna, and a square with 40.5mm named Meridian. Both Vector SmartWatch covers are made ​​from stainless steel and available in different color options, strap also have the option of leather or metal, and you can easily switch them like any other wrist watch. Both Vector SmartWatch with long battery life up to 30 days, thanks to the use of the monochrome display combined with the power savings operating system.


Both Luna and Meridian SmartWatch allow you to connect with various devices to receive notifications. When the notifications came, the device will vibrate, but other than Pebble SmartWatch and most current content of the message will not appear until you put your hands up to watch. The screen will always on so you can see the time whenever you want. In addition, the virtual clock face is also designed to display some useful information such as calendar events. These features can we expect from these two SmartWatch include: monitoring sports activities, timer, countdown, supports different time zones, waterproof with a maximum depth of 50m.


The Vector manufacturer also promises to help this product integrates well with third-party services, such use SmartWatch to control the room temperature sensor with NEST, or programming services of IFTTT. Now you can order Vector Luna for $ 349 and Vector Meridian for $ 199 on the site of the vector. It is unclear when the product appears, indicating that in the summer of this year and in many countries around the world.

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