Top 5 Battery saver apps for Android smartphones

One of the major problems of the current smartphones is the battery is low. Duration battery on the smartphone is still a difficult with many manufacturers of mobile devices. Temporary solution to increase smartphone battery life, but it also brings many issues.

There are many causes for smartphone run out of battery. It is possible that technology has not made ​​the standard battery, the hardware of the device eats too much energy, free applications, ad-supported apps installed in your phone, high temperature application drivers smartphones are not optimized.

Battery issues still upset many consumers. To partly overcome this, we have the Top 5 Battery saver apps for Android smartphones that helps prolong the battery life on the Android operating system. Following tops 5 applications are being liked by most of smartphone users and world technology enthusiasts also rated very high in terms of features and efficiency.

1. DU Battery Saver:

Top 5 Battery saver apps for Android smartphones

DU Battery Saver app developed by the DU Apps Studio. DU Battery Saver is capable of very optimum battery savings, the ability to prolong the battery life on the phone up to 50%.

DU Battery Saver can say is fairly easy to use application and is also the easiest app to your Android phone help avoid the wasting energy.

DU Battery Saver App Find and solve problems with fast Optimize. You can also manage or create your own mode for high performance and energy saving.

DU DU Battery Saver also Protect your battery with battery charger function properly to prolong battery life. Applied Optimizer on the home screen allows you to stop running background applications power consumption with a single touch to increase the battery life.

Advanced Applications Battery saves Easy and Powerful, which is Boost Android battery usage time up to 50% without recharging. You can download the application here.

2. Battery Widget Reborn:

Top 5 Battery saver apps for Android smartphones

Battery Widget Reborn is an application that makes your smartphone capable of very efficient battery management. Battery Widget Reborn gives you the option, the individual settings as you wish, consistent with the need to use your phone. Battery Widget Reborn has the ability to maximize battery consumption, increase battery life, create audio information reported on the status of the battery on the phone, through which you can promptly handle rechargeable battery or your phone.

Battery Widget Reborn HEU can work on all Android phones, you can download the app here.

3. JuiceDefender:

Top 5 Battery saver apps for Android smartphones

JuiceDefender is considered super battery saver app now. JuiceDefender also save battery solution is best for your Android smartphone, with the power management tasks effectively your smartphone will have time to use longer than usual. How it works based on the time of JuiceDefender disable the function or application. For example, you open the Mobile Data utility will automatically turn off the screen when the device is switched off.

JuiceDefender Automatic control Wi-Fi, 2G/3G mode, Adjust the appropriate application configuration, Adjust the brightness and also control Bluetooth wireless headset mode. You can download the application here.

4. Battery Doctor:

Top 5 Battery saver apps for Android smartphones

Battery Doctor is estimated using the current battery level of the device, and allows users to see the different energy use for each activity have on your Android smartphones.

Battery Doctor displays the accurate remaining battery time, recharge the battery fully when the battery level is below 20%, the user can run the Battery Doctor app and plug the charger, this tool will help you to maintain your Android phone automatically during charging.

It’s also adjust the settings automatically like turn on or off WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, data or other battery consumption component with a simple click to maximize battery life. It’s provides tips to save and maintain battery life. Battery life can be extended relatively if used correctly. The application is completely free, users do not need to buy any battery saving apps. Battery widget for easier adjustment. It’s easy to discover which applications consume the most power. You can download the application here.

5. Easy Battery Saver:

Easy Battery Saver is a powerful management application specially designed to prolong battery life and optimize. It saves battery by intelligently dealing with phone network connectivity, screen time out and screen brightness. In addition, set the phone to sleep mode schedule will also help you save a significant amount of battery life when not in use.

It is very simple and easy to use, Monitor battery status on the home screen, Save more than 50% of the battery, extending battery life. List of battery consumption of the running program, Simple and useful interface. You can download the application here.

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