Techart TZM-01 AF Adapter for Leica M to Nikon Z Cameras

The new Techart TZM-01 auto focus lens adapter, which enables autofocusing of Leica M mount lenses when mounted on Nikon Z mirrorless cameras.

Techart TZM-01 leica m to nikon z

The lens adapter is equipped with an internal motor for fast autofocusing and supports all AF modes of the camera with face/eye detection. Focusing is performed by shifting the lens along the optical axis using an electric drive built into the adapter. The TZM-01 receives control signals from the camera focusing system.

A firmware upgrade is also possible via a USB port. The rear cover of the TZM-01 lens adapter can protect the adapter and it will not affect the use of the camera fixed on the tripod.

Techart TZM-01 price and availability

Techart TZM-01 auto focus lens adapter for Leica M to Nikon Z Mount Cameras such as Z5, Z6, Z7, Z50, Z6II, and Z7II, is now available to buy on the website.

Earlier this month, Megadap has also introduced the MTZ11 lens adapter for Leica M to Nikon Z with autofocus function that can be used on Nikon Z cameras. The adapter has electrical contacts for communication with the Nikon Z cameras and uses the camera’s phase-detection autofocus algorithm for focusing.

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