Megadap MTZ11: Leica M lenses on Nikon Z cameras with Autofocus

An adapter is currently being presented under the “Megadap” brand, with which manual Leica M lenses with autofocus function can be used on Nikon Z cameras. The adapter has electrical contacts for communication with the Nikon Z cameras and uses the camera’s phase-detection autofocus algorithm for focusing.

Megadap MTZ11: Leica M lenses on Nikon Z cameras

Focusing is done by moving the entire attached lens through the adapter by a motor until it is focused. The following functions are currently supported: Single-shot AF (AF-S), Continuous AF (AF-C), and Servo AF (AF-F). Single-point AF, wide-area AF (S/L), and auto-area AF can be used and the adapter should be compatible with the Nikon Z6, Z7, Z50, Z6 (II), and Z7 (II) models.

The Megadap MTZ11 adapter is said to differ from comparable models in that the mechanical pull-out system is based on a patented structure that also carries heavier lenses without them becoming worn out, even after prolonged use. Thanks to the maximum extension of 6.5 mm, many lenses can now be focused at a shorter distance than with the lens’ own distance setting. However, this is not activated for lenses with internal focusing.

The adapter is equipped with a micro USB socket through which future firmware updates can be imported. Megadap also offers a large number of other adapters with which manual SLR lenses can be used with the new AF adapter. 

Megadap MTZ11 price and availability

The MTZ11 Leica M – Nikon Z AF adapter now can be purchased from for $349, along with a two-year guarantee.

Recently, Fotodiox has introduced the Pro Pronto AF adapter enables autofocus of Leica M-mount lenses with Fujifilm X-series cameras. The FotodioX Pro Pronto Autofocus Adapter for Leica M-Mount Lens to Fuji camera is designed to allow Leica M-mount lenses that weigh up to 1.5 lbs to be used on the select Fujifilm X-mount cameras.

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