Sony HT-G700 Review: Best Budget Soundbar

The Sony HT-G700 is a popular best budget soundbar that supports surround sound standards including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Currently, movie-watching entertainment content like Netflix, Apple TV, more all of these support audio standards, so the HT-G700 TV soundbar will bring a better experience. Compared to built-in speakers on TV, we will share our experiences with you in this Sony HT-G700 review.

sony htg700 best budget soundbar review


The Bluetooth soundbar has an outer cover made of high-grade plastic, good finishing, and a perfect grip. The subwoofer has a speaker box made of MDF board, side can see that the bass speakers are carefully protected, the layout of the front exhaust makes the subwoofer easier to install, not requiring much tighter room.

The subwoofer is 39 cm high, there is an air outlet at the front, so it does not fussy about the listening space. The bass volume on the remote can be adjusted via the SW (subwoofer) button.

sony htg700 best budget soundbar review

The size of the wireless soundbar, in general, is quite fit when placed under a TV with a screen size of 55 inches or more, not too high, so they do not cover the TV’s edge. The stunning matte black speaker cover helps it “sync” to the overall viewing angle, not distracting you while watching a movie or playing a game.

In general, with simple and neat clean design, the HT G-700 is suitable for modern living spaces with medium and simple living rooms.


On the speaker, there will be touch controls with on / off, input select, Bluetooth, and volume functions. The Sony sound bar speaker also has a remote for more convenient control, in addition to holding its keys to switch sound modes. The soundbar and subwoofer both use power cord number 8, and there are holes on the back of the speaker for wall mounting.

sony htg700 best budget soundbar review

In general, the setup process used by the Sony HT-G700 is nothing complicated, the speaker has 2 HDMI (1 EARC HDMI) and 1 optical, so all you have to do is plug in the right wire. Sony soundbars and subwoofers automatically identify and connect with each other wirelessly, even without measuring negative space with a microphone or anything else. The TV soundbar and subwoofer also have their own volume controls, so you can adjust them individually according to your taste.

Sony is equipped with a small LED screen in front of the Bluetooth soundbar, enabling users to easily track the tasks they are performing.


The Sony HT-G700 wireless soundbar owns 3 elliptical drivers with 3.1 settings for a total output of 400W. With exclusive VSE (vertical surround engine) and S-Force Pro front-surround technology, the HT-G700 easily brings a great experience for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio content with only 3.1 focal settings.

sony htg700 best budget soundbar review

The vertical surround engine allows the Atmos soundbar to create a sound that exceeds the size of the sound bar, helping to improve the soundstage. In addition, the S-Force front surround will increase the horizontal area of ​​the speaker.

Two specialized Sony audio technologies allow this HT-G700 to have adequate pitch and wide listening space during watching movies.

sony htg700 best budget soundbar review

The signature sound of this set is sharp and clear. Sony has added a mid-range speaker in the middle of the soundbar to improve the quality of conversation, scream, gunshot, and punches. At first the bass and treble sounded very unbalanced, but after experiencing, setting the position, and raising/lowering the bass, the HT-G700 became fully confident. We feel that the subwoofer at 6-8 is the most appropriate because it will not make noise and will not encroach on the boundary that causes discomfort.

During the short experience, we have another tip so that you can apply it to listen to music or watch movies better.

This is the Immersive AE button on the remote, the button that activates the 7.1.2 emulation capabilities of the Sony HT-G700 TV soundbar. Turn it on and the sounds around the main character become sharp and clear.

We saw the movies like The Punisher or Hitman Agent 47, such as the music preset that had a voice-over, then gave Immersive AE a more vivid experience such as:

  • Bass is firm, slightly darker, upper bass is clearer and outer
  • While the depth is still not felt when watching horror films, the sound will be markedly improved in terms of horizontal, watching movies with great visuals.
  • Background music and dialogue will be heard more clearly in music mode, after activating Immersive AE, background music has enough volume to listen and balance, background voices and other sounds in the movies were clear so it will help make you more adventurous.

Finally, the Sony HT-G700 has an additional Night Mode that automatically reduces bass and dynamics to avoid disturbing those around them.

Final line

Sony – a veteran in the audio industry – launched the HT-G700 TV soundbar at a price of $599.99, but it is now available at a discounted price of $398 on Amazon and Bhphotovideo retailers, a total saving of $200 which is very suitable for budget users, showing that now the best budget soundbar is an indispensable device in every family.

The HT-G700 features a simple design, easy to connect, to help users adapt to the increasingly diverse entertainment needs of users. With support for Dolby Atmos and special audio technologies that enhance the quality of movies and music, the HT-G700 is an affordable, best budget soundbar and long-lasting option for you.

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