Samsung The Freestyle Gen 2 Hans-On at IFA 2023

Samsung’s The Freestyle 2nd Gen, showcased at IFA 2023, is undeniably the most compact, intelligent, and portable projector I’ve had the pleasure of using. The Freestyle 2 hands-on experience, in particular, boasts some upgrades, notably an expanded memory capacity, ensuring smoother and more seamless operation.

samsung the Freestyle 2 hands-on review

Beyond these hardware enhancements, Samsung has introduced several software features to enhance the user experience. The Freestyle Gen 2 serves as the powerhouse for the Samsung Gaming Hub, offering access to an impressive library of over 3,000 games, courtesy of esteemed partners such as Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Amazon Luna, Utomik, Antstream Arcade, and Blacknut.

samsung the Freestyle 2 hands-on review

With the ability to connect a controller directly to the Freestyle Gen 2, you can immerse yourself in gaming without the need for a computer, smartphone, or additional peripherals. This projector isn’t just about watching movies; it’s designed to provide a simple and convenient platform for entertainment and gaming.

samsung the Freestyle 2 hands-on review

The Freestyle 2 retains the distinct round cylindrical design of its predecessor and rests elegantly on a support base, preserving its compact form factor. Equipped with a battery offering approximately 3 hours of usage time, you have the flexibility to connect it to a mobile battery for extended operation.

Thanks to its compact size and user-friendly setup, the Freestyle Gen 2 is incredibly versatile and suitable for a range of scenarios, including camping, picnics, bedrooms, classrooms, and more.

samsung the Freestyle 2 hands-on review

Operation is a breeze—simply power it on, project it onto the wall, and watch as it automatically recalibrates itself. The Freestyle Gen 2 can project content onto spaces ranging from 30 to 100 inches, with a maximum resolution of Full HD (1080 x 1920), offering a plethora of features to explore and enjoy.

Samsung The Freestyle 2 price and availability

While last year’s Freestyle (Hands-on) came with a price tag of nearly $597.99, this year’s Freestyle 2 is listed at $797.99 on and online stores.

The Freestyle isn’t just a run-of-the-mill projector for movie nights; it’s a technological marvel designed to provide you with unique experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

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