Samsung Freestyle Hands-On: First Impression Review

The move from the Samsung Freestyle projector announcement at CES 2022 to the start of commercialization turned out to be relatively short. The company has kicked off its Samsung portable projector pre-orders in the US market. It is worth noting for those interested in buying, considering that the sale starts with an interesting promotion valid till February 15th.

Samsung Freestyle Projector Review

Samsung Freestyle price and availability

Samsung Freestyle price has been set at $899.99 on and, but those who decide to purchase via the in the indicated period will be able to receive a free Samsung The Freestyle Case worth $59.99.

First Impression Review

It is one such projector with design, features, and accessories that are quite different from other projectors in the market. Moreover, smart features like auto-frame alignment, image auto-focus, and easy connection make it not unique but also useful.

Samsung Freestyle Projector Review

Various accessories

We have not seen a projector when it was born or sold in the market that has as many accessories as the Freestyle projector. These accessories not only beautify it, help carry, but also help us to use it more effectively.

Attach to the tail of the lamp holder: You can attach the Freestyle to a lamp tray or shelf, or hang with a lampshade to receive power as well. It is a simple accessory that offers a lot of value. Now we can use projectors in places we never thought possible.

Samsung Freestyle Projector Review

Wall mount as a security camera or as a decorative light: Obviously, when attaching the Freestyle to this mount, it looks like a large security camera or a showroom decorative light. And with this mount, you can easily use Freestyle to carry materials for decorating showrooms, or in the house. Previously, this was usually done for pro projectors but was rarely used for portable projectors.

For Battery: It’s a portable battery, but it’s designed and has joints to be able to hold the freestyle. So you can use FreeStyle as a portable projector, no power is required. Now we can easily take it to any place of our choice, go to another room, go near our house, go camping.

Brackets: Like a small light stand. The stand makes it easy for the Freestyle to project content to different locations, making it easy to use indoors.

Other accessories: Different colored skins, a Freestyle carry bag for carrying around, a projector cover stylized in a variety of items.

Frame alignment and self-focus

This is what we really like about Freestyle. Without these features, the accessory that Samsung makes for the Freestyle wouldn’t be easy to use. Test experience shows that the Freestyle takes only 3 seconds to set the projection distance to re-align the square frame for normal viewing and to re-focus the image clearly.

For the average user, these smart features help us to use them more efficiently and easily. The most tedious when using a projector is adjusting the frame to make it square and clear. This part is done automatically by the device.

Projection ability

Freestyle Samsung TV projector can project 1080P content at screen sizes from 30″ to 100″ depending on how far away you put the projector to the screen.

Freestyle is equipped with 360-degree speakers so you can listen directly from the projector. However, if you want to experience a louder and louder sound, you can still connect a Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headset to listen.

Samsung Freestyle Projector Review

Content to be shown on Samsung Freestyle projector, you can just connect to the internet and finish because Freestyle is like a Samsung smart TV, so the content store, content streaming services, app installation… are all comfortable and easy. Of course, you can easily connect your smartphone by touching your smartphone to Freestyle or connecting via HDMI.

Samsung Freestyle Features

  • DLP chip with FHD resolution
  • LED lighting system, maximum luminance 550 LED lumens
  • duration: not less than 20,000 hours of operation
  • optics with 1.2: 1 shooting ratio; maximum screen size 100 “at 2.7 meters
  • HDR10, Auto Motion Plus, automatic focus and distortion corrections
  • built-in speaker, 5W RMS, multi-room and Dolby Digital support, built-in microphone
  • Ambient Mode support (generates ambient lighting effects) and voice assistants
  • Bluetooth LE 5.2, micro HDMI, WiFi 5, USB-C (power)
  • noise level: 30 dB (A)
  • weight and dimensions: 104.2 x 172.8 x 95.2 mm; 830 grams

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