Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra hands-on: First Impression

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra maintains the design ethos of the S22 Ultra line while enhancing materials and finishes to elevate the device’s appearance to a more high-end and sophisticated level. Going beyond aesthetics, the newly integrated AI-powered software tackles a myriad of everyday tasks, such as converting voice recordings to text, summarizing content, offering direct translation in multiple languages, and suggesting text fonts that align with the context.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review

With the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra at the forefront and the Galaxy S24 & S24 Plus following suit, Artificial Intelligence has seamlessly integrated into our daily lives.

Advanced Titanium Construction and Square Design

Distinguishing the S24 Ultra from the S23 Ultra at a glance proves challenging, as Samsung continues to seamlessly integrate successful design elements from the recent S Ultra generations into the new iteration. This approach seems rational, considering the current design continuity and the desire to cater to users from previous years, spanning from the S23 Ultra to even the S22 Ultra, which remains relevant and stylish.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review

Upon my initial interaction with the Samsung S24 Ultra, it struck me as remarkably similar to the S23 Ultra I had the opportunity to explore in the first half of the preceding year.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra maintains its distinctive square profile with gently curved edges, ensuring a comfortable grip. While the square design might introduce a subtle ruggedness to the device’s corners, it’s a minor aspect.

Two noteworthy enhancements stand out in terms of appearance. Firstly, the frame incorporates titanium material, albeit in combination with aluminum. This hybrid material not only introduces a nuanced visual appeal but also enhances the device’s overall premium aesthetics and durability. Secondly, the screen positions closer to the edges, promising an improved display experience. The slimmer screen border contributes to a sleeker and more attractive device profile.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review

A closer examination of the device’s particulars, including the speaker positioned along the bottom edge, reveals subtle yet noticeable design differences. The buttons on the device maintain a meticulous finish, ensuring sturdiness and tactile satisfaction when pressed.

Noteworthy this year is the incorporation of recycled or environmentally friendly materials for various components, including these buttons and other internal details. Aligning with the prevalent industry trend, this move reflects the overarching commitment of technology companies to “Go Green” in their device manufacturing processes, promoting greater environmental friendliness.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra retains its inclusion of a stylus, conveniently located in the bottom left corner. This compact pen continues to serve as an effective tool for individuals engaged in content creation, facilitating quick sketching of ideas or the straightforward capture of notes with enhanced precision directly on the screen.

AI in the Limelight

Upon hitting the market, the One UI 6.1 interface will fuel the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. This new software injects a myriad of features into the device, specifically highlighting utilities driven by AI and artificial intelligence. Although AI integration into smartphones is not groundbreaking, its role goes beyond optimizing gaming performance and generating stunning photos immediately after shutter clicks.

Now, AI delves deeper into everyday tasks, streamlining repetitive and time-consuming activities. The presence of AI emerges as the solution to these challenges.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review

Some noteworthy features include the direct call translation functionality. When engaging with a foreign partner, overcoming language barriers becomes seamless through this feature. A voice assistant proficiently translates from your native language into the desired one, perhaps Korean or Chinese. Surprisingly, this feature extends support to a broad spectrum of languages, contrary to the usual limitations.

Additionally, in scenarios such as meetings or impromptu brainstorming sessions, where audio recording captures discussions, AI plays a pivotal role. It seamlessly converts recorded audio into text, subsequently summarizing key ideas and categorizing them into distinct headings for easy comprehension.

Post-meeting or ideation, the device accomplishes the translation of text into various languages effortlessly with a single click, eliminating the need for third-party applications.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review

When communicating with someone special, crafting endearing and impressive messages becomes effortless with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s AI-powered suggestions. For instance, typing a simple “I like you” allows the AI to propose diverse writing styles, ranging from the adorable to the bold and even the sophisticated. Seeking permission or leave is also simplified as the AI guides polite and effective messaging.

Another noteworthy AI feature lies in the browser’s ability to summarize lengthy articles swiftly. Within seconds, the AI condenses complex articles into concise and easily understandable main ideas, enhancing efficiency and comprehension.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review

The AI extends its capabilities to document organization in the notes section, transforming hastily drafted handwritten documents into accurate digital text. Furthermore, the device revolutionizes photo editing, with AI serving as the default photo editor. Tasks once reserved for advanced tools like Photoshop, such as object removal, cropping adjustments, and filling empty spaces, are seamlessly executed within ten seconds.

The AI features on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra promise not only novel but practical experiences, devoid of unnecessary complexities.

Display: Peak Brightness at 2,600 Nits

Samsung has gone above and beyond in outfitting the S24 Ultra with cutting-edge features. Let’s delve into the details, starting with the expansive Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, measuring 6.8 inches and boasting a 120Hz refresh rate.

In contrast to the pronounced and minimalistic curvature of last year’s glass surface, the S24 Ultra presents a flatter screen, seamlessly integrating into a cohesive block. The prowess of the Samsung AMOLED panel is indisputable, delivering sharp visuals and exceptionally vivid colors. A subtle front camera notch on the screen, though present, is unobtrusive and minimally impacts content consumption.

A substantially heightened peak brightness during HDR content playback is a notable enhancement in the display realm of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, reaching an impressive 2600 nits. This elevates the viewing experience for HDR content, ensuring superior brightness, even when engaging with the device outdoors.

The generously sized screen not only facilitates easy reading and note-taking with the stylus but also caters to entertainment enthusiasts, providing an optimal platform for gaming and cinematic experiences.

Camera Advancements: Elevating Perfection

Having marveled at the practical photography prowess of the S23 Ultra series last year, the continued enhancements in the new generation captivate me. Samsung remains committed to refining the camera system, particularly in challenging low-light scenarios.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra, in its latest iteration, boasts a 200MP resolution sensor, incorporating pixel binding technology for pixel amalgamation, and features both optical and electronic anti-shake mechanisms. An augmented algorithm contributes to heightened imaging performance.

The heightened sensor resolution not only augments image quality but also elevates the printability of photos captured on the device. In the configuration realm, the device hosts a 200MP wide-angle camera and a 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera. The telephoto lens offers versatility with 3x (10MP) and 5x (50MP) optical zoom, as well as 2x and 10x “standard optical” zoom capabilities.

Samsung underscores the prowess of capturing zoom shots in low-light conditions, aptly named the “Dark Eye” feature. I eagerly anticipate experiencing the refined shooting capabilities and upgraded camera system of the device firsthand.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra specifications

Embracing innovation, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra introduces a state-of-the-art processor, and in this case, it’s the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. This cutting-edge chipset plays a pivotal role in facilitating the swift and seamless execution of AI and camera tasks. Fabricated using TSMC’s 4nm N4P process, the same technology found in its predecessor, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, and various other SoC lines, the Gen 3 version stands out by delivering a 30% boost in CPU performance while being 20% more energy-efficient.

Distinguishing itself from the Gen 2, the new Neural Processing Unit (NPU) on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 not only enhances performance but also achieves a remarkable 40% improvement in energy efficiency. Qualcomm has purposefully designed the Gen 3 to harness the potential of “on-device AI” processing power, aligning with the principles observed in Google’s Tensor G3.

Boasting up to 12GB of RAM, the device ensures swift and efficient multitasking capabilities. Furthermore, Samsung has revamped the cooling system, guaranteeing optimal performance even under high-frequency SoC operation.

With these enhancements, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra emerges as an immensely appealing flagship, primed to cater to diverse user needs. Eagerly anticipating the device’s arrival, we are poised to share the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review soon.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra price and release date

Regrettably, Samsung’s pre-order incentives seem somewhat lackluster. Gone are the days of complimentary watches or earbuds. Instead, 2024 heralds a doubling of storage, along with potentially enticing trade-in deals. Priced at $1,299.99 for the 256GB variant, the Galaxy S24 Ultra offers a limited-time opportunity to acquire the 512GB version at the same cost until January 30th on both and online stores.

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