Runcible circular phone cum pocket watch running Firefox OS at MWC 2015

The Runcible circular phone was developed by a Monohm company based in the US. This device was unique because of the circular shape inspired by the pocket watch popular decades ago. The screen is also in a circle shape, while the back part of the device may be customized as the priority of users. Currently this Runcible circular phone is in the experimental stage.


Why Monohm company wants to make an unusual products like this? According to the company, they want to help users who busy in their lives so connecting them online with quick way. For example, every day you can get hundreds of emails, a dozen of messages from Facebook, but with the help of Runcible circular phone, you can quickly see all the important notifications without constantly interact with Smartphone screen.

Runcible pocket watch

Three engineers in Monohm spent 9 months developing Runcible circular phone and still continue their work. Due to the incomplete version, this circular phone only runs basic applications such as clock app, directions app, wallpaper and a social network app, get the number of notifications from Facebook, Twitter etc. The directions App also very interesting, Monohm style is very simple displays the direction and distance to the destination not like the Google Maps, so you have time to enjoy the surroundings and not continuously stared at the screen. The Firefox OS is selected for the Runcible circular phone because of its high flexibility and completely free to use. Flexibility is essential here because this fancy phone has rounded display so all apps must want run well with round interface.


The Runcible pocket watch also has its own camera at the back. Representatives of the Monohm also added that they are developing photography apps to supports rotating and zoom in or out. Viewing application will have the same ability. This is a very unique product, and whether it is successful or not a matter cannot be observed directly. At least, Monohm shows that the smartphone market is still quite versatile not fixed in the square shape.

Monohm also received funding from the KDDI network to continue their work, there are also possibilities that Runcible circular phone will be brought to Japan, where the unique phone has a great market.

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