Fujitsu Smartphone with iris scanning technology unveiled at MWC 2015

In search of interesting new products at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015, We found a new Fujitsu Smartphone with a built-in iris scanning technology. Users only need to look at the screen of the smartphone, and the iris scanner read your iris to unlock the device.


Today, most of smartphones use fingerprint sensor or password protection. Fujitsu takes a technology to another level of protection of smartphone devices and at the same time it is more convenient to use. Fujitsu introduced Iris scanning technology is using an infrared LED light and sensors to help correctly identify the user’s iris.

Japanese electronics Fujitsu has gradually achieved important results with Iris recognition technology, especially at MWC 2015. Fujitsu has confirmed that the phones are equipped with Iris Identification System ActiveRIS new airline will begin to be released this year.

The initial setting for this technology is quite simple, first the device will guide you to scan the iris. The iris pattern after being encoded and recorded on the device will become an important database for user authentication.


After the initial setup, user simply put the phone in front of their eyes and identify themselves. The most appropriate distance is 10cm to avoid any mistakes to identify yourself. Hopefully, this Fujitsu Iris security scanner will be improved soon to increase the sensitivity of the interaction with the user.

Just like fingerprint scanners, iris scanning technology promises may soon be applied in the mobile payment systems to increase security, which can be integrated in both Smartphone and tablet in the future.

This Fujitsu Smartphone device can be go on sale end of this year.


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