Razer Nabu X Smartband without Display, Price only $50 at CES 2015

Last year, Razer introduces Health Monitoring Smartband named Razer Nabu use OLED screen to display information, now this year CES 2015, the Razer company has launched new Smartband called Nabu X which is extremely beautiful and luxurious. Razer-Nabu-X-Smartband-without-Display,-Price-only-$50-at-CES-2015

Razer Nabu X, Smartband will be a focus point in the technology market in 2015. If you are a fan of technology, this ring is a toy not to be missed and Razer Nabu Cost only $50. However, this Nabu X line shows the improved their turn on technology development.

Basically, Razer Nabu X allows you to connect to smartphones and tablet devices, it’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Moreover, it can help you keep track of calories, distance running and share data on social network through an application running on a mobile phone. The Nabu X does not have the screen, instead of 3 LEDs for status display, Razor Fitness Band is designed carefully and help you keep track of information easier. If as long as it is not enough to convince you, the Nabu X is also a water resistant Smartband which is the plus point of this technology toy. You can go to depths of 30 meters in the water with this Nabu X.


Razer company’s aims to reduce and simplify the selling price of the device, so they are launching this new device. The Razer Nabu X price only $ 50. Do not have the screen should be no display any message like the previous Nabu Smartband. However, Nabu Razer still has the function of vibration and notified via 3 colorful LED lights. You can also customize each color of LEDs used to indicate a different function, including phones, reminders and notifications. The Razer Nabu X Smartband can not measure heart rate, but its battery life up to 5 or 7 days and standby time up to 30 days.

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