Pokédrone: Is this a good idea to play Pokémon Go using drone?

As per following the Pokémon Go trend, TRNDlabs, a company which is specialized in making Mini Drones. The company has dropped teasers, a promotional 28-second video appears online, giving us little glimpses of the upcoming Pokédrone. Pokemon Go Release Date US

The videos via company’s official press releases reveals white and yellow colored mini drone, complete with four mini rotors and a revolving camera attached to a gimbal.

The drone will simulate both GPS and your phone’s camera and then fly to reach places where players can’t walk, and then help him to catch Pokémon. The idea sounds good, but reality goes against the spirit of self mobilization of the game. At the same time GPS input from the iPhone to the Pokémon Game app with the drone’s GPS signal and using the camera input of the drone with Pokémon Game’s AR mode, which is not possible to do without jailbreaking your iPhone or using Apple’s dev tools.

According to the manufacturer, Pokédrone is specially designed for all Pokemon Online Game players. Once connected via WiFi to your phone, the Pokémon app uses the Pokédrone’s GPS and camera instead of the phone’s GPS and Camera. With the Pokédrone’s auto take-off & land function there is no need to worry about your drone-flying skills. The drone can also hover in one place making it super easy to catch ‘em all for everyone who is more into Pokémon than drones. Pokédrone

TRNDlabs said: “They hope to be to work with Nintendo directly in order to incorporate the GPS and camera inputs from the drone directly to the Pokémon app, or else release the Pokédrone independently and rely on support though jailbreaking.”

Pokémon Go is now officially available for download in US, If you have an Android device, you don’t have to wait just click this link to download it from Play store. The game is also out for iOS devices in the US, follow this App Store link to get download and catch your favriote Pokémon now. Untitled-

But if you don’t live in the US, and Pokemon Go App Release Date not confirmed yet in your countries, don’t worry the Pokemon Go Beta APK file is available for download, and it works on Android devices outside of the territories the game is available officially in right now. You can Download Pokémon Go APK from here. All your also waiting for Pokemon Go Plus Preorder, but its on the way while the device is listed on Amazon US store without any pricing and availability details.


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