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6 Ways to Design Mobile Apps with the User-First Approach

In the advancing world of smartphones, the significance of designing an app that users appreciate cannot be denied. So, one must prioritize a user-first approach while crafting a mobile app. This approach will enhance the user’s experience. Here are six ways to design mobile apps with a user-first approach: Focus on Features The initial stage in creating a mobile app …

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How to Earn Money from Vigo Video App | Vigo Video Review

How to Earn Money from Vigo Video App Vigo Video Review

When you watch TV in India, you may have seen the ad of Vigo Video – formerly Hypstar app many times, this app has become quite popular today. Because this app has been downloaded by the 50 million people so far. And its popularity may also increase in the coming time. So you are required to go about the Vigo …

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Turn your Gaming Passion into a Full time Earning Source


Since the gaming industry evolves in the world, we have seen rapid growth in the development of the high-end games. The games are becoming an essential element in our life. It is one of the entertainment modes that satisfies your brain neurons section and interlocks you to do more. The experience you receive while playing games cannot be gained from …

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How Productivity, Relying on Technology and Redundancy

Technology and Redundancy

Productivity for all the aspects and items as millions of variation and then scenario and put ourselves and precarious position and rely on as the best way of technology improvement. Modern technology gives personal productivity and steroids and further things so as it and can be left speechless and asked the old question and as the next actions, we can …

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Google launches Daydream View 2 VR Headset High-Quality Lenses

New Google Daydream View

During the huge Google event, Google has also updated its virtual reality headset Daydream View. The differences are not radical compared to last year’s device: there are new colors, in line with what we saw in other Google products, especially Google Home Mini. Even the used fabric material is also the same as Home Mini. Google Daydream View 2 VR …

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Facebook Watch Now Active in USA | Competition On with YouTube

facebook watch

In an apparent bid to take on YouTube, Facebook rolled out Watch last month, Facebook Watch is a dedicated video platform to watch videos and TV shows has been active now in the USA and can be accessed via mobile and desktop devices. There is no further news regarding the expansion of Facebook Watch in other regions now. The Facebook …

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HTC U11 UK Version also Gets Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant Support

Amazon Alexa on HTC U11 UK

HTC’s latest U11 smartphone has received Amazon Alexa support in USA last week and now the HTC U11 UK variant has received support for Amazon Alexa with a software update and a dedicated app, and this means that UK users will now also be able to wake up U11 by simply saying “Alexa” and give any instruction of their preference. …

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Nintendo Switch Online App now Available on iOS and Android

Nintendo Switch Online App

Nintendo also begins to expand its groundwork to the world of smartphones with its Nintendo Switch Online app service. Waiting to see how the situation will evolve as far as the paid services from 2018, in recent few hours Nintendo Switch Online application has been published to the Android and iOS platforms for free to download, which also introduced to …

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Facebook 360 arrives on Samsung Gear VR

The popular social network operators have announced in recent hours the arrival of Facebook 360 for Gear VR, it is a dedicated VR app developed for the Samsung Gear VR in collaboration with Oculus Rift.  Facebook 360 app will feature four feeds: Following: Experience 360 content that your friends have posted on Facebook as well as 360 content from Pages …

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