Numark Party Mix II and Live DJ controllers for Beginners

No cool party possible without music or a DJ. And what better way to get into the subject or take your first steps than with budget-friendly DJ controllers. Numark DJ has just announced a revision of its party mix. The Party Mix II and Party Mix Live DJ controllers. The command centers for Serato, Algoriddim djay Pro AI, and DJ players have an integrated DJ lights show. The latter is even equipped with built-in DJ speakers.

Numark Party Mix II

There are also other basics and goodies for your mix session: For example a two-channel mixer, navigation elements, streaming support via software, jog wheels, large filter controls, and performance pads per deck to fire effects, cue points, loops, and samples.

Especially those who come into contact with DJing for the first time in these times should not have a large local music collection available yet. However, streaming playlists sometimes do. The two Numark DJ consoles work together with Serato DJ Lite on Mac and PC, are also compatible with Algoriddim djay Pro AI on Mac and iOS (adapter required), and you can also use DJ Player Pro. As a result, you can play music from TIDAL, Beatport LINK, Beatsource LINK, and SoundCloud GO, provided you have a (paid) subscription to the respective service.

Both the Numark Party Mix II and the Party Mix Live have three multicolor LEDs on the back panel, with which beat-synchronized DL lights can be started. However, you can also deactivate the feature. Party Mix Live also wants to score points with built-in DJ speakers, which can be activated at the push of a button and deactivated for pure headphone mixes. The manufacturer gives information about the performance as follows: Two 5.25 mm drivers with 5 watts each are installed, the frequency range is 150 Hz – 20 kHz. There are two mini jacks for headphones and speakers on the output side.

Numark Party Mix Live

Price and availability

  • Numark Party Mix Live, on the other hand, with DJ lights and built-in DJ speakers cost $149 and it can also be pre-ordered via

However, sooner or later an update of the LE or free versions of the software will have to be subscribed to, at least if the basic features are no longer sufficient. Or you can switch to a larger model such as the new Reloop Ready with a 2-channel DJ controller for Serato DJ, an integrated audio interface, jog wheels, a 2-channel mixer, and 16 RGB performance pads in a compact space at $336.27. Both Numark DJ products cut a good figure as entry-level DJ controllers.

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