Microsoft Hololens: A virtual reality glasses running Windows 10

Microsoft has come into the world of virtual reality with Hololens (Hololens Technology Co Ltd) and obviously with a new level, beyond virtual reality glasses that we are seeing in the market. The problem here is that the Microsoft Hololens glasses allow us to see the virtual reality front of the our eyes not to look at the smartphone display as the current virtual reality glasses or Google Glass with tiny screens.


Microsoft Hololens is a virtual reality glasses running Windows 10. It is not to connect to other devices such as various virtual reality glasses available in the market. It can operate completely independently. Microsoft Hololens seeing through original format, which means we will look through and see the Hololens virtual content show up on background of reality. In addition to the image and sound we can integrate fully into the virtual world. Microsoft said Hololens is a first to bring high-resolution hologram to the world. Runs on Windows 10 PC platform and it is shown most advanced holographic available today.

Microsoft-Hololens Hololens-virtual-reality-glasses

We will change the communication way, education and communicate with each other using this Microsoft Hololens. Its outer designing made from the plastic parts of cars. With Hololens the virtual components are designed on the computer or on the Microsoft platform called HoloStudio can try mounting and directly design vehicle models. Microsoft said Hololens with their high-resolution hologram give real experience when playing games.

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