Lumia 535 available in India with Praiseworthy Price of Rs.9,199

Finally Lumia 535 officially available in India and become very popular smartphone in the market. Surely you want to know that new Lumia brand has something attractive or not?

Microsoft does not consider the Lumia 535 is a low-cost device, so they held a grand event to introduce this smartphone in the last 28-11.

Lumia 535 Display

When holding a smartphone, there are a lot of mixed feelings. First, you can see the new logo of Microsoft on the phone. Even on the back panel of the device also has Microsoft logo.

There is no name of brand Nokia, but Microsoft still retains the same style and design of the Lumia 535 which is almost perfect. When you hold the Lumia 535, many people quickly realized that this is the product line of Nokia Lumia even when the phone has Microsoft logo, it’s really surprising you.

Lumia 535 Price

We really like the design of the Lumia 535 as it looks masculine and the quality also good about the product line rather than the Lumia 520 and Lumia 530 launched recently. The design of the phone is slightly rounded and fairly lightweight body just 8.7 mm thick and weighs around 156 grams, whether equipped with 5-inch display feels very good when holding and there is nothing to complain. In particular, we can say that it’s very easy to handle with with one hand without facing any difficulty.

The buttons such as volume up key and power button are located on the right side and made quite stiff, not feeling any discomfort when pressing the buttons, this is praiseworthy for the Lumia 535 as even most of mid-range phones are faulty in the keys placing.

But Lumia 535 still annoying drawbacks, the first camera cluster is slightly bulging in the back, although only slightly convex, but it also makes sense to put in the pocket of jeans is not uncomfortable.

Lumia 535 Specs

Next to the phone’s removable plastic cover, we just feel that this back cover is made of rigid plastic and not good as Lumia 520 or Lumia 525. What worries us most about this phone is to sleep from hand, because it is glossy plastic back panel body and is very easy to fall into any place.

The most significant upgrade of the Lumia 535 as compared with the previous generation Lumia smartphones, Microsoft has generously brought 5 inches QHD display with a resolution of 960×540 pixels on the device help the general trend is catching up a big screen. Basically the pictures displayed on the screen quite smooth, good color due to technology instead of IPS TFT as 530 lines when viewed at a distance of 25 to 30 cm. Anyway, with a popular product, the quality of the Lumia 535 display quite unacceptable.

One other commendable features on Lumia 535 is the touch screen to unlock the screen, just tap twice on the screen, the screen will light up, this feature will help to limit the use of physical keys. However lock screen Glance energy saving is not yet available on this product.

Lumia 535 price India

The phone comes with the Windows Phone OS, we really like the interface with Live Tile beautiful brick box, you can select a background image for this interface from Windows Phone 8.1 update and add as iOS or Android easily by dragging another brick in the drop box, the phone is operated smoothly in all actions.

However, upon entering the interface setup of the phone, after a few minutes you’ll quickly get used to the interface settings, but frankly speaking Microsoft has major shortcomings when only expresses in words the item without using symbols. In this situation need to quickly select a particular installation, the icons will help you easily click to select more than you can find on iOS and Android in the settings there are always small icon next to the item name.

Microsoft 535

Speaking about the Camera, Microsoft Lumia 535 is a special emphasis on this feature because it has Front camera up to 5 mega-pixels and equipped with wide-angle lenses. According to our assessment, the ability to take a selfie of this camera is only good in outdoor conditions, but when you use in-house, under the bright lights facing problem of high noise levels and the pictures are also not clear.

Regarding battery life, you can use the phone whole day with some basic tasks like surfing the web via Wi-Fi, clicking pictures and playing games like Asphalt 8 which is quite good.

Lumia 535 can be considered as the debut of the Microsoft software, so it is difficult to acquire the level of absolute perfection in this product. But if you are looking for a stable device, smoother and want to become familiar with the new Windows Phone, the Lumia 535 will definitely be the brightest names in the smartphone segment with the this price of Rs. 9,199.

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