LG UHD TV with quantum dots technology at CES 2015

At CES 2015, the world of technology will be seen UHD TV resolution with quantum dot technology, this Ultra High Definition Television has the ability to display colors better than the current technology.


In a latest press release, LG is planning to release a new UHD TV with Ultra quantum dots technology next year at CES 2015. The ability to re-create brilliant and vibrant color, quantum dots technology will provide the ability to display great images on the next generation of LG TV.

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Quantum dot nano crystals are made from semiconductors. With a very small size, only 10 nanometers, 1,000 times smaller than a human hair, quantum dots have been the nature of quantum particles. Quantum dot technology is very attractive to Display manufacturers, because it can be modified to glow in the light of certain frequencies. This also means that the colors on the screen can be accurately reproduced than traditional materials.

LG is also the first manufacturer interested in the development the range of desktop use electronic dots, besides, they also confirmed that this technology does not contain cadmium or other toxic heavy metals. This is an extremely painful problem when electronic technology is put into widespread use.

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LG Electronics plans to launch the first UHD TV use quantum dot technology at CES 2015.

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