LG 8K Smart TV will debut at CES 2015

When standard 4K smart TV is not really popular, LG has decided to launch a TV model supports 8K Ultra High Definition Display at CES 2015.

LG-8K-Smart-TV-will-debut-at-CES-2015 4K TV

In 2014, 4K Ultra HDTV has become very popular than a time compared to the previous years. Since the price of more than $ 1500, but now, with the amount of less than $ 1000, users can fully own a Smart TV supports 4K resolution.

However, 4K TV is not really popular in the market because the user still likes to watch Full HD, besides 4K content is not popular forcefully. However, technologies are moving, and constantly evolving, the 4K resolution is not yet available, it is going to be the new standard LG unveiled in early January.

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Specifically, at CES 2015, the giant Korean LG Electronics will launch the grave sample size of the 55 inch TV supports up to 8K resolution 7680×4320 pixels, with more than 20 integrated controller and brightness of 500 nits.

At this time most of the user has not yet enjoyed all the power of the new standard 4K TV several times higher than older one. LG will need to have the new 8K video content to be ready for presentation at CES 2015.

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A representative of LG said, putting to the test 8K Resolution TV at CES 2015 is not intended to verify the demonstration that fact as well as surveys of the technology world before been put into mass production.

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