Venus Optics introduced Laowa Proteus 2x Anamorphic Cinema Lenses

Venus Optics has announced new Laowa Proteus 2x Anamorphic cinema lenses. Anamorphic optics with focal lengths of 35mm, 45mm, 60mm, and 85mm were introduced – all optics have a T2 aperture. The lenses work with cameras with Super 35 optical format sensors.

Laowa Proteus 2x Anamorphic cinema lenses

The manufacturer claims that the entire line is designed to provide an anamorphic budget solution for cinema camera owners (S35) with a constant 2X aspect ratio. At the same time, the new Laowa Proteus 2x Anamorphic cinema series has no compromises in image quality.

The new Anamorphic optics cover an image circle with a diameter of 25.92mm x 21.6mm. The two Laowa Proteus 2x Anamorphic 35mm and 45mm lenses have a minimum focusing distance of 54.9 cm. This is a good indicator for anamorphic optics with a 2X aspect ratio.

The manufacturer says the lenses deliver “smooth elliptical bokeh” and signature flares, including blue, amber, and silver options. The new Anamorphic cinema lenses are available with a professional PL mount, but they also come with a user-replaceable EF mount.

The Laowa Proteus 2X Anamorphic series can provide modern-quality image clarity while maintaining the vintage anamorphic effect, including elliptical bokeh and characteristic flare.

The 2X aspect ratio allows for a classic widescreen anamorphic look and pairs well with 4:3 or 6:5 sensors, which are typically the default on professional cinema cameras for 2.66:1 or 2.4:1 post-processing.

The aperture of the entire line ranges from T2 to T22. The manufacturer specifies that the optical characteristics of the lens series are optimized for high-quality color reproduction and correct contrast.

The optics are available in blue, amber, or neutral silver. All lenses have uniform gear positions, so they can be quickly changed while shooting.

All new Laowa lenses also have a back focus adjustment mechanism so you can calibrate the back focus with the lens mounted on the camera. The lenses have an outer diameter of 114mm and a 105mm filter thread.

Price and release date

All new Laowa Proteus 2x Anamorphic cinema lenses are available to pre-order on the store for $4,999 and will be released on May 2023.

Key features of the new Laowa Proteus 2x Anamorphic cinema line:

Laowa Proteus 2x Anamorphic cinema lenses
  • Patented anamorphic design
  • Constant compression ratio 2X
  • Large aperture T2
  • High sharpness
  • Expressive oval bokeh
  • Amber, blue, and silver highlights
  • Low focus breathing
  • Comfortable camera body
  • Full frame coverage with 1.4x adapter

Last year, Sirui introduced an anamorphic lens for full-frame cameras. A 50mm T2.9 1.6x Sirui anamorphic lens is primarily aimed at filmmakers who shoot their videos with still cameras and want to take advantage of a wider format – at a price that slips into affordable orders of magnitude.

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