Kinefinity MAVO mark2 and MAVO mark2 LF Cinema Cameras

Kinefinity made waves at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam by introducing their latest digital cinema cameras, the Kinefinity MAVO mark2 S35 and MAVO mark2 LF. These cutting-edge cameras utilize the high-performance MAVO Edge platform and come equipped with built-in independent dual SDI outputs featuring metadata and audio support. Furthermore, they offer video recording capabilities in the Apple ProRes 4444/XQ codec on NVMe M.2 2280 memory cards.

Kinefinity MAVO mark2 S35 price and release date

Kinefinity MAVO mark2

The MAVO mark2 cinema camera boasts a fresh S35 format CMOS sensor that supports an impressive 6K resolution, complete with dual base ISO settings of 800/3200. This sensor delivers a remarkable 14 stops of dynamic range, ensuring cleaner shadows, as affirmed by the manufacturer. Notably, this camera excels in low-light conditions, producing high-quality images even at elevated ISO settings.

Designed with S35 format enthusiasts in mind, the MAVO mark2 S35 Cinema Camera provides flexibility and versatility. This sensor format allows for the use of a wider array of lenses and offers extended focal lengths.

Kinefinity MAVO mark2 S35 price and release date

The new 3:2 CMOS sensor in the S35 version enables shooting at up to 96fps in 6K Wide (6144×2516) and 112fps in 5K Wide (5120×2160). Transitioning to 6K Open Gate mode (6144×4016) enables recording at up to 60fps.

For those seeking even higher frame rates, switching to the M4/3 crop mode allows recording at up to 150fps with a resolution of 3840×1600. Should you opt for S16 mode, an impressive 270fps is achievable at a resolution of 1920×800.

Kinefinity MAVO mark2 LF

On the other hand, the MAVO mark2 LF Cinema Camera features the same full-frame 3:2 aspect ratio CMOS sensor found in the MAVO Edge 6K Cinema Camera. This sensor boasts dual standard ISO settings of 800/5120. According to Kinefinity, the MAVO LF Mark 2 retains more bright detail when compared to the MAVO LF.

Kinefinity MAVO mark2 lf price and release date

Operating in full frame mode, this camera can capture up to 75fps at 5.7K resolution (5760×2400) and 86fps at 5K resolution (5120×2400). Full frame 6K Open Gate mode (6016×3984) supports recording at up to 48fps, while 6K 17:9 (6016×3172) offers recording at speeds of up to 60fps.

Both of Kinefinity’s new cameras provide flexibility when it comes to optics, thanks to their special KineMOUNT mount. This feature allows for easy installation of adapters for EF, PL, and LPL lenses without requiring additional tools. It’s also worth mentioning that these cinema cameras support two additional mounts: Active PL Mount and Active E Mount.

The Active E-mount is compatible with most Sony E-mount lenses and offers the convenience of adjusting aperture, focal length, and focus directly through the camera. Users can even activate optical stabilization when available on the lens. Like the Active PL mount, the Active E mount provides lens metadata display and storage in a clip file.

However, both the MAVO mark2 S35 and MAVO mark2 LF cinema cameras lack built-in ND filters. To address this, Kinefinity offers two optional e-ND adapters for users to choose from: the EF 3 Mounting Adapter with e-ND ($899) or the PL Mounting Adapter with e-ND ($999).

It’s worth noting that both cameras share the same weight, coming in at 1.37 kg, and feature a cube-like form factor. Importantly, these cinema cameras do not support ProRes RAW video recording, with options limited to ProRes 422 LT to ProRes 4444XQ. This may be seen as a drawback for professional videography.

Kinefinity MAVO mark2 lf price and release date

To record footage, users will need to utilize PCIe-3.0 format media, with Kinefinity recommending their branded KineMAG Nano 1 TB/2 TB NVMe M.2 2280 solid-state drives. The 1 TB drive is priced at $999.

For instance, recording 6K 3:2 Open Gate at 25p in ProRes 4444XQ equates to approximately 26 minutes of recording on a 1 TB KineMAG Nano drive.

Price and release date

The Kinefinity MAVO mark2 S35 is priced at $3,999, while the MAVO mark2 LF comes in at $5,999. Pre-orders for both cinema cameras are available starting today on the online store.

In other recent news, the Z Cam E2-M5G movie camera, boasting a global shutter and 16-stop dynamic range, was announced. Notably, users have the option to replace the M4/3 mount in the Z Cam E2-M5G model, potentially expanding compatibility with various lenses.

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