Jackery 300 Plus Solar Generator Debuts with LFP Batteries and Offer

Joining the esteemed Jackery portable power station generator series is the 300 Plus, the newest and most compact member of the family, boasting a capacity of 288 watt-hours (Wh) and a remarkable maximum output of 300W. Despite its diminutive size, this Jackery new product shares the advanced LFP battery technology with its predecessors. Positioned as an off-grid power source tailored for adventurers, the Jackery 300 Plus weighs less than 15 pounds, even with the inclusion of its novel foldable solar panels.

Jackery 300 Plus portable power station generator

Jackery has unveiled its latest expansion to the Solar Generator Plus lineup, proudly introducing the petite 300 Plus variant. While its capacity and power output may pale in comparison to its larger counterparts, standing at 288Wh and 300W respectively, the Jackery Explorer 300 Plus remains a compelling option.

Remarkably, the 300 Plus is proficient in charging a modern iPhone approximately 13 times, providing five cycles for a 90W device, and sustaining a ~10W portable speaker for a generous 18 hours. Furthermore, it supports a dual power supply through a USB Type-C port, delivering up to 100W. It’s worth noting that this capacity is divided between input and output functionalities.

Thus, the 300 Plus emerges as the ultimate solution for portable power needs, tailored for those on the move. Its weight, at merely 8.72 lbs or 11 lbs when coupled with its optional ‘book-sized’ solar panels, underscores its portability. To achieve this streamlined design, the Jackery portable power station generator forgoes some of the rapid charging capabilities found in other products within the Jackery lineup, focusing instead on delivering a compact and easily transportable unit.

Charging via the solar panels takes around 9.5 hours, while the charge time decreases to 2 hours when connected to mains power or 2.8 hours via USB.

Jackery 300 Plus price and availability

The innovative Jackery portable power station generator, the 300 Plus, is now available for $299.99, or with a $30 discount through an embedded coupon on Amazon for a limited period. Alternatively, a bundle including the 40W panels can be purchased for $399.99, along with a $60 coupon applicable during checkout.

Updated on September 28, 2023: Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus is now available on Amazon.co.uk, pricing starts from £319.

Earlier this year, Jackery introduced the Explorer 1500 Pro solar power generator system, featuring 1800W AC ports, 100W USB-C PD ports, and a 1512Wh lithium-ion battery. This comprehensive power solution is also available on Amazon, priced at $1,600 with a $400 coupon code applied during purchase.

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