iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus Hands-On: First Impression

iPhone 14 Plus is a new phone in the budget iPhone line that Apple sold this year, and the line it will replace is the Mini series. The Plus line has the biggest difference in the large 6.7″ screen that was only available in the previous iPhone Pro series, so you can choose a large-screen iPhone without having to pay too much money to buy the Pro series.

iphone 14 & iphone 14 plus review


iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus look no different from the previous iPhone 13 series from the way of finishing to materials and exterior design. The difference is only in the bigger screen, so if you are satisfied with the iPhone 13 or 12 in terms of screen size, there is not much reason to upgrade to iPhone 14 if you consider the design.

iphone 14 & iphone 14 plus review

The chin contains Face ID or the notch, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus will be the same as the iPhone 13. That is, the chin is slightly smaller than the iPhone 12.

The sim tray part, the iPhones we have on hand at this Apple event are US versions, so it’s no longer available. And looking at the two sides of the device will be seamless and less removable components, so the device will be more durable and safer. However, in the US version, you see a super short wave antenna on the chassis.

The iPhone 14 Plus comes with a 6.7-inch display but weighs only 203 grams or the iPhone 14 only 172 grams, while the iPhone 14 Pro with a 6.1-inch display weighs 204 grams, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max weighs up to 240 grams. The difference is huge, and you can feel it.

The bigger screen shows more

Apple didn’t make large iPhones from the start. After that, the large screen is only available in the Pro series, the high-end line, and the large screen is also their most expensive. Thinking very much like on a MacBook or an iPad. The larger the screen, the more powerful the configuration and the more expensive it is to sell. In the opposite direction, Android phones are usually of all sizes, and the more popular the line, the larger the screen size.

iphone 14 & iphone 14 plus review

And now the iPhone’s 6-inch size is too small compared to Android competitors. We think the iPhone 14 Plus will help Apple dig deeper into Android’s market share, not eat into the iPhone Pro Max’s market share. iPhone 14 and 14 Plus will be Apple’s two best-selling iPhones and will also be the top-selling smartphones in the future.

The world of multimedia is getting bigger and bigger, and the need for a phone with a larger screen to have a massive visual experience is obvious and practical. Apple has certainly known this for a long time, but they are too strong in the smartphone world to be in a hurry.

iphone 14 & iphone 14 plus review

In recent iOS, Apple has increased the exploitation of viewing photos through the Photos widget or the features of viewing images and wallpapers on the lock screen. So having a bigger phone will give you a better experience with the new iOS.

One point you should note is that the screen of iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 will not have a fast refresh rate of 120 Hz (Pro Motion) but only 60 Hz. Therefore, all features that need a large screen such as surfing Facebook, viewing pictures, watching videos, and reading news are great except for games that require 120Hz.

Still the Lightning connector

iphone 14 & iphone 14 plus review

Whether the European Union, India, Brazil, or some US congressmen have requested or recommended that Apple switch to using USB-C ports, Apple is still steadfast with the Lightning port on their iPhone line this year. It is very similar to what we think about this connector, it is still too good, and there is no need to change to a USB-C port to complicate matters and make available charging cables go to waste.

Front camera with autofocus, rear camera with strong video features

We found these two features to be great on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus but have not experienced much. Just let us know if you care. Accordingly, the front camera now relies on the sensors of Face ID, it has the focus, shifting, and will help portrait or normal photos have depth, remove this and that font… and it also captures faces better. While previous iPhones, the default front camera will focus on the whole.

iphone 14 & iphone 14 plus review

Another part related to the camera on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus that we think you need to care about is that it will combine more layers of images to create the final image. This feature Apple calls Deep Fusion has been around since previous iPhones, but this time it processes more layers and more effects to bring greater efficiency.

iphone 14 & iphone 14 plus review

Remember, the newly designed Face ID cluster is only available on the iPhone 14 Pro line. The regular line is the same as on the iPhone 13.

iPhone is one of the few smartphones with four equal screen borders and beautiful corners

Although the US handset does not have a sim tray, it has a 5G antenna.

The camera cluster is small, flat, simple, not prominent, and too big like the Pro series.

iphone 14 & iphone 14 plus review

Apple also introduced the iPhone 14 Product RED version. If you buy this iPhone, Apple will have a charity fund. Product RED is a version with quite special and impressive colors.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus price in USA, release date

Both iPhone 14 models are available for pre-order starting this Friday, September 9 on Bestbuy.com. Delivery of the smaller model is scheduled on September 16, but the iPhone 14 Plus will not reach customers until October 7. iPhone 14 price in USA starts at $799, and the larger iPhone 14 Plus costs $100 more.

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