How to upgrade the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Windows phone

Today Microsoft officially launched Windows 10 Technical Preview for a number of Lumia Smartphones.


The device is supported in this first phase is only the mid-range phones such as Lumia 630, 635, 636, 638, Lumia 730 and Lumia 830, the use of high-end devices such as Lumia 930 or 1520 will have to wait to experience Windows 10. See the detail of Windows 10 for Windows Phone below:

How to upgrade the Windows 10 Technical Preview see below:

  • First Download Windows Insider app from Windows Phone Store
  • Visit the website, make sure that you have registered for the experimental program.
  • Run downloaded Windows Insider applications, log in with your Microsoft account
  • Select “Insider Fast” if you want to get right to the test as they Microsoft build released, choose “Insider Slow” if you want to receive the updates have been tested
  • Confirm your participation Insider and then select the check box
  • Next, go to Settings> Phone Update> Check for Updates
  • The device will automatically download the necessary updates for Windows 10 Technical Preview, the device can boot more than once

Important Note before update:

  • Must have Wi-Fi access
  • Batteries are at least 40%, memory up to 8GB or more
  • This is just a test so you may encounter errors during use
  • Your phone must be in the Windows Phone 8.1 build 14 219 before running the Windows 10 update
  • Some regional versions of the device, especially Chinese mobile network, will not update Windows 10 Technical Preview.


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