How to install Windows 10 for Windows Phone devices

Except Lumia 930 and Lumia 640 XL, all phones running Windows Phone 8 can proceed with this installation and upgrade the trial.How-to-install-Windows-10-for-Windows-Phone-devices

Since the date of 11/4, Microsoft has started launching next preview versions for those who want to experience the Windows 10 for Mobile Phones.

Contrary to the first preview which is applied only for a certain number of product lines, the 2nd preview version of the Windows 10 operating system has expanded its coverage a lot. In addition to the two models Lumia 930 (or Lumia Icon) and Lumia 640 XL, the entire device running Windows Phone 8 can upgrade and use next version of the Windows 10 platform.

On the significance of the update, besides the great change of the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system than Windows 10 operating system, this update also has the appearance of the new Spartan browser. Besides, the maps application also saw a major upgrade when there is a combination of the two mapping systems is Bing Maps and Here Maps. Phone application or Outlook Mail Message is also certain changes in this update.

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However, before you download and use Windows 10 for Phones Preview, users should note that this is only a trial version. Therefore, do not exclude the possibility that there will be a small error in the operation of the device. However, for those who want to experience the new operating system, the trouble is not really too serious. The experience and reflection of you as well as an opportunity for Microsoft can complete more of their operating system.

Here are the few steps to download Windows 10 for Windows Phone devices:

To experience the Windows 10 Preview, users must register to participate in programs of the Microsoft Windows Insider.

This registration is not complicated. You just need to go to Windows Insider and register by e-mail accounts are used on your Windows Phone.

Using your Windows Phone browser to access this link Windows 10 Technical Preview for Windows phones Then, press the download button to install Windows Insider app for your device.

Note: You may be experiencing a glitch and a delay in the installation process. This is due to Microsoft’s servers can be overwhelmed by demand of big upgrade for users. When you encounter this situation, it is best to be patient and wait.

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