Facebook New Feature On This Day

Facebook has today officially launched the new feature called On This Day let you know that on this day last year what you’re doing, and what has been posted such as images or tag or the status of friends or not.


The Facebook On This Day feature has been tested in a long time and until today, Facebook announced it widely. By default, you can only see the memories of yours, of course, if you prefer, you can reshare this old post for all to see. On This Day is being slowly released for Facebook users around the world, both on the web and mobile.

In order to view this feature, you enter the site facebook.com/onthisday or choose More> On This Day. However, in some regions has not seen his test On This Day, we click on the link provided by Facebook but nothing appeared. Maybe have a take few more days or week to update for another region users.

On This Day Facebook App will let you see your old images or status on the same day as you posted last year or 1 year, 2 years or more years. Simple example, today 03/24/2015 is the day when you visit On This Day activities will show that you have done to date 24/03/2014 or 24/03/2013.


In fact, Facebook has begun testing this feature in 2013. However, this is the first time On This Day was officially introduced to everyone. By default, each with a separate page On This Day and can not be viewed by others unless they share. In addition, you can also sign up with Facebook to receive notifications on special anniversaries.

Note: Currently not everyone can use this feature, so do not worry if you did not get their pages On This Day. Facebook will soon launch this feature for Web and mobile.

Recently, Facebook has launched the Year in Review app to become the largest social network. Facebook has brought the tools called Facebook Year in Review to help users get a summary of the events took place that year.

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