CES 2023: Roland Introduces BRIDGE CAST Dual Bus Gaming Mixer

At CES 2023, Roland unveiled its best budget audio interface device designed specifically for gaming streamers and content creators: the Bridge Cast Dual Bus Gaming Mixer. This best audio interface drew a lot of attention at the show with its unique dual bus all-in-one architecture and high-quality preamps, which enable users to capture and mix audio from multiple sources with exceptional clarity and precision.

Best budget audio interface Roland BRIDGE CAST Dual Bus Gaming Mixer

Roland Bridge Cast would be the best budget audio interface for gamers and live streamers. Because you can control up to four audio sources live via the four colored potentiometers. In addition, some effects for the voice are directly on the bridge cast. The panel can also be easily removed and embellished with your logos. Perfect for the streaming setup!

The Roland Bridge Cast has an XLR input on the back, which allows you to connect a microphone and optionally use 48-volt phantom power. There is also a mini-jack input on the back, to which you can connect your smartphone to feed in music or a connected guest. Additionally, you can connect the audio output of your console to the Bridge Cast if you plan to use it for a gaming stream.

The Dual Bus Gaming Mixer can operate with sample rates of 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, and 96 kHz. It also has a 24-bit conversion rate. In addition to the mic channel, you can use the Bridge Cast app (available in the summer) to manage three other audio sources. For example, you can integrate chat audio (e.g. from OBS) and the audio signal of the game or stream.

Best budget audio interface Roland BRIDGE CAST Dual Bus Gaming Mixer

The Bridge Cast is compatible with systems running Windows 10, iOS 15, or macOS 11. It connects via USB-C and allows you to apply various effects to the audio sources using the interface. These effects include the Voice Changer, Noise Suppressor, Compressor, Equalizer, De-esser, Reverb, and Low Cut for the mic signal. You can also use a variety of real-time effects for the other three signals.

Roland BRIDGE CAST price and release date

You can now pre-order the Roland Bridge Cast audio interface. It costs $299 at Bhphotovideo.com and £233.73 at Amazon.co.uk.

iFi recently introduced the new Neo Stream network audio streamer at an audio event in Japan. This player features an integrated DAC and supports many popular music streaming platforms, such as Tidal, Spotify, and Roon. It costs $1,299 / £1,299.

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